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  • White noise machines. They are a god send. We love my hummy as it has a noise sensor and turns itself back on when my baby stirs. Amazing 
  • The trick is to find your own solution. Every child is different and they all respond differently to different things. There is no right or wrong, just follow your instincts and work out what is best for you and your child. Don't let others make you feel you are doing things wrongly.
  • The best thing I learnt was acceptance. Accept that infants sleep is broken and they need holding and support and that it’s just a phase. And coffee, lots of coffee for mum! 
  • After baby is asleep for the evening, get yourself ready for bed, then when your taken by surprise and baby wakes you can snuggle and drift off together. If cosleeping is what you want to do, don’t feel guilty, we share a bed with our loved one and expect our babies to sleep alone. 
  • I think a sleepyhead deluxe would've helped me or a white noise machine or downloading a white noise app on my phone to be honest... 
  • That carrying our dreamegg when out would help him settle when napping while out and about!!
  • When they are dropping off to sleep wait at least 13 minutes before putting them down so they are in a deep sleep, less likely to realise you aren't holding them anymore. A friend passed this gem on that her midwife had shared with her and it made such a difference for me!
  • Don't listened to everyone who has "the answer" every child and mother are different so you have to find your own way. There is no right or wrong way, there is just a way that works for you and your baby. Through following a routine in a soothing and calming manner you will find your way. Ensure you are calm and so is your baby, remember it will take time so don't put pressure on yourself. 
  • Don’t be a victim to the rule book. You will know your baby better than anyone else does and your baby will know you better than anyone else. Sleeping with your babies makes night feeding a dawdle and you can’t over feed a baby. 
  • No tips, but something I wished I known - some babies just don't like to sleep - it’s nothing you are doing wrong - you are doing amazing, and your baby will sleep when they are ready. 
  • Baby massage wins every time.
  • If baby won't sleep lay on their side and rub their back this soothed mine to sleep after my Mum told me how to get the eldest to sleep - which I had asked earlier.
  • That there will be nights that little one(s) will not sleep and that it will feel endless but that you will get through it and as they get bigger it will get easier. Also, trust your own instinct. If you think something is wrong seek professional advice dont hold back. 
  • It's OK for the baby to sleep on you. I was told that the baby shouldn't fall asleep on you as it will lessen the likelihood of them sleeping in their cot. Honestly, my son sleeps better and for longer when he has a cuddle with me. At night once he's asleep I transfer him to the cot and he sleeps through the night, only waking some nights for a feed. If your baby wants that cuddle then give them a cuddle.
  • A nice feed before sleep. My baby had colic and reflux in the first few months of birth which make her unsettled and woke up a lot of times while asleep. I wish I know all these related to the sleep quality that I would try to tackle the colic and reflux instead of trying all sort of things that wouldn't work.
  • Put the radio on low in the background! Any 'white noise' not only regulates the babies sleeping but your little one will sleep through anything! Start hoovering, turn the TV on, talk as you would normally instead of hushed tones. I tip-toed around with my first but by no3 it wasn't possible to be quiet for his naps - and no surprise he was my best sleeper. Still now, he could sleep through a hurricane!
  • I wish I’d realised earlier that it’s ok to co-sleep, when done safely. Also wish I’d known more about awake times and sleep cycles. 
  • Something that worked for both my daughters was definitely white noise, they loved rain sounds and wave sounds from the ocean, its suppose to mimic what they heard from the womb and comfort them.

    They also really loved the sleepsuit sleeping bag because it had a fabric that kept them swaddled and was tight fitted but nice thin stretchy matterial, helped them feel safe and secure.
  • Ewan the sheep and sleephead deluxe were a godsend for me :-) 
  • Warm bath then a feed, then swaddling and accepting they are all different and just take advice from friends and relies with a pinch of salt.
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