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  • Don't make it too quiet when baby is falling asleep or is asleep. Carry on as normal, that way they will get used to it and it makes life so much easier for you and your family. X
  • Play lots of active games in the day and keep a routine so that bedtime is the same every night. It really does help!
  • Stick to a routine
  • If your baby won’t settle keep popping in and reassuring that you are close by but don’t pick baby up and keep the room dark.  Eventually sleep will take over and after a few nights the sleeping pattern will be established.
  • Set a routine and if you have a partner take it in turns, one do the night and one do the morning
  • The thing that saved our sanity was investing in the Amazon Alexa for the nursery to play white noise on repeat all night 
  • For my second it was a white noise box, that has a heartbeat sound on it. She was in hospital for the first 12 weeks and it was very difficult to hold her, so when we put the white noise box on for her it soothed and calmed her, just as if she was being held close to me. It helped us to establish a nap routine in hospital that we were able to continue when she finally got home. Still soothes her for a nap to this day!
  • White noise. I hadn't realised the superpower it holds until a friend told me to try it with my daughter who just. wouldn't. sleep. I played hairdryer noise from youtube (louder than you'd think) and she would switch off like a light. It felt like a miracle at the time! She's 3 and a half now and still prefers to drift off to music/noise. I wish I'd tried it sooner. 
  • Definalty use sleep bags. Much cosier and no worries of baby/toddler getting cold from throwing off their blankets😊👍
  • Babies will drop each stage when they are ready, like co sleeping, the dummy, the white noise, the rocking and cuddling to sleep. There is no need to rush away from any of these, especially enjoy the breast feeding and rocking to sleep, so calm and lovely for baby and mum x
  • Definitely swaddle when they are newborn. Arms fly everywhere otherwise and wake themselves up! Then you are in for a long night! 
  • Co-sleeping (oooh, controversial!) was the secret to my two sleeping through the night and me sleeping like a baby too! Then from around age 3, a clear routine set bedtime boundaries and they slept 7pm-7am every night. 
  • Just take the time to figure out what works best for you and your baby. Everyone is obsessed with how babies sleep but no two babies are the same. They get there eventually ❤️
  • One tip in which I can highly recommend as it worked very favourably for us as a family. Would be to ease baby into a routine gradually.  

    A bath then bottle (maybe even a lullaby) will help to relax them ready for bed of an evening. 

    Differentiating between day/night is always important too. By closing the curtains and darkening the room in the evening baby will begin to get used to the fact that 'now it's bed time' rather than a quick cat nap. 

    If a babies struggling to fall asleep during the day, go for a walk with them in the pram. The fresh air is great for them and it's a good opportunity to get baby to fall asleep.
  • That every baby is different and what works for one won't necessarily work for another and to not feel guilty over using things/techniques that do work but others may not agree with. For example a dummy, or letting them sleep on you,  or setting a routine very early. Just do what works for you and your baby.
  • I think as a new parent you think there is only one way that works, but actually lots of different things work for different baby's and family, as long as you do it safely. For us, it was co-sleeping, which meant we all got enough sleep, baby was breastfed as and when, on demand and we were all much happier. Trying to force our baby to sleep somewhere else caused lots of restless nights up and down. We also found sleeping bags a godsend and used for quite a long time!
  • My biggest tip is to not worry about what other babies are doing. I used to beat myself up that my baby didn’t sleep when (it seemed) all other babies their age were sleeping through. Every baby is different and it does not mean you are doing anything wrong if your baby wants a few extra nighttime feeds/cuddles.
  • First 4 months do whatever your baby needs to sleep. Dummy, swaddle, white noise etc. After it find how much hours baby needs to sleep total in a day and have a sleep routine suitable on baby’s age. Never let your baby gets overtired. Never keep him/her awake so long in the daytime to think they sleep better at night. If they are awake too long in the daytime they won’t have a better sleep at night. Try not to give bottle everytime he wakes up at night 
  • I think her dummy was the game changer. We took it away at 6 months and swapped with a comforter. Now we can see her sometimes wake up, grab the comforter and go straight back to sleep! 
  • Totally follow your babies lead and needs. I was so adamant I wouldn’t cosleep, that me and my first born didn’t sleep well for weeks. One day I lost a huge period of time and was feeling so sick and dizzy from sleep deprivation I realised that it was much more unsafe for us both than cosleeping would be. That night I implemented all of the safe cosleeping guidelines and we both slept so much better. With my second I tried her in a next to me, but when she wasn’t having any of it I didn’t hesitate to bring her in my bed. She’s been a fantastic sleeper since too. 
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