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Tell H&M about when you’ve seen life through your child’s eyes – and stopped worrying: £200 voucher

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H&M would love you to tell them about those little moments, when you’ve seen life through your child’s eyes – and stopped worrying so much as a result, and you could win a £200 H&M voucher for telling them.

Share those little moments when you’ve been caught up in the rush and stress and rush of parenting life and your child has done or said something that’s made you take a deep breath and stop to really appreciate the little joys in life. Maybe your child decided to dress themselves in their favourite costume for the day, or perhaps they decided to share a treat with you: something small that made you smile...

H&M says “H&M’s membership helps spread little moments of joy, by rewarding members with points for every purchase, which convert into money off vouchers. There’s also free delivery when you spend £20 or more, as H&M Members always get more!”.

To be in with a chance of winning the £200 H&M voucher, scroll to the text box at the bottom of this page, and tell H&M all about when you’ve seen life through your child’s eyes, and your child has done or said something, that’s made you stop worrying so much.

Everyone who posts and answers the question fully, will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 H&M voucher.

We'll keep this thread open until 25/3/21, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later. 

Good luck! 

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  • I was having a stressful time with work and my workload. Feeling like there was an endless amount of things to do which I didn't have the time to do. 
    I took a break from my laptop and came downstairs to my partner and my little girl and heard a huge MAMA. I went and sat next to my little one and heard 'mamma mmmm' as she went to give me a huge kiss. We sat down to play together as a family and my little one showed the best sharing she ever has. We were all sat playing for hours and I didn't think about work once. Probably not best for my workload but in those hours I forgot about all my worries and realised how lucky I was. A happy and healthy family is all that matters to me, work gets done, it always does but these are the moments I'll treasure forever.
    As a consequence if I'm ever having a rubbish day at work I just make a little countdown in my head until I can pick my little one up and see that infectious smile she has.
  • HanHutchingsHanHutchings Regular
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    Definitely when my son who was completely non verbal for years said "I love you" for the first time. That moment was everything.
  • Just recently, my son (almost 2) had a packet of lentil curls (his favourite) and as usual forced one in my face to "share" so I ate it and said "Thankyou Chester!" and for the first time ever he replied "Welcome Mummy" and in that moment I was filled with tremendous pride not just for my son but my myself as a Mummy, because if anything else went wrong that day, that was enough to remind me I must be doing something right! 🥲
  • Definitely when my two year old said i love you for the first time. He'd fallen over and grazed his knee a bit, and was crying, so I gathered him up in my arms and held him close while he calmed down. He likes it when I stroke his hair when he's upset. After a few minutes he turned to me and said I love you mummy, no prompting, and my heart just danced. Nothing prepares you for that feeling, and suddenly all the sleepless nights don't matter anymore. 💖
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    I can't remember the last time my mind hasnt been consumed with anxiety or felt the pressures of life.
    But one moment that has stuck with me was when we took our son to florida in 2017. He was 3 years old without a care in the world. It felt extra magical and felt like i was back for the first time. This time was different. It was the perspective of seeing it through my sons eyes, lapping up the magic in the air. It's like worries melted away when he smiled and just for then, i lived in the moments with my son.
    We go back to florida in July but for the first time as a family of 4 and i hope i can set my stresses to the side to feel the magic once more.
  • After weeks of hearing my son say "dada", "baba" and "nana", hearing him say "momma" for the 1st time whilst walking towards me, is a moment I will never forget. 
  • For me it was in my first trimester with my second child. I was so sick and so worried I wouldn’t get my 2year old daughter to nursery on time and myself to work. I was really struggling and couldn’t stop being sick and a little hand touched my back, started stroking it and just said “it’s ok Mummy” and in that moment I knew it was going to be ok, we’d get where we needed to when we could and I was so proud at how caring and loving my big was already at 2. 
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    My little 2 year old daughter has been so patient as new baby brother day she could see I was very stressed and in the middle of sorting out her little brothers explosive poo nappy (number 2 of that morning ) and I'd just put the new nappy there and he peed on it and She came over to me and said 'mee help...mee help'. I said im okay baby im just sorting Seb out and she went over to Seb's face as he was crying  and just stroked his head saying 'it's okay baby Seb...mummy changed it' was just so sweet seeing her try to help and interact with her little brother when all the attention was in him at the time. It just made me relax and put a smile on my face in a little stressful moment. After I gave her a big long hug and said ' thank you for being such a good helper' and she had the biggest smile on her face...its the little things that make it so worth it. 💖 
  • Actually it was 1am this morning. Both little babies ones are poorly and had us both up. I was stood in the bathroom covered in vomit from my 6 month old, my partner covered in vomit from my 2 year old. We looked at each other and just had to laugh at the situation as we knew it was one of those nights. I could not stop thinking how tired I was.
    My little girl looked at me and said “don’t worry mummy, we can get clean” and she kissed me and she looked at her baby brother and said “don’t be sad Roo” Not long after this she said “I just love you mummy”. I realise I have such a caring, thoughtful little girl and even though sometimes sanity is lost, these little ones have the ability to fill our hearts with so much fun and love 😍🙌🏻🥰❤️
  • I have a four year old, a five month old plus a dog and a husband who has been ridiculously busy at work. We'd had a day of crying little ones and a barking dog and all I wanted was to have the kids in bed so I could sit in the quiet for a bit. I was feeling triggered by everything. As I put my four year old to bed that evening, she'd obviously sensed my stress. She held my hand and asked me what was wrong. I told her mummy was struggling today but I'd be ok after a good night's sleep. She told me that I should try to think of my favourite thing that had happened that day and tell her about it and that I would feel better afterwards. We each took turns telling each other about our favourite thing of the day and she was right. I did feel better afterwards! 
  • For me, special moments are when children take things very literally and say the funniest things without realising!
    As an example, the other day,we were discussing what classes, sports and activities we thought our son may enjoy doing. I said to my husband "I think he would enjoy martial arts, like karate" and suddenly our son came running in with his soft toy of Marshall from Paw Patrol and his paints, and he shouted out "This is Marshall, let's do some art with him"!!! We chuckled for a long time. 
  • ChloefensomeChloefensome Regular
    edited Feb 25, 2022 12:42PM
    I work from home & my little boy had a sickeness bug for going over 2 weeks! I was exhausted and trying to juggle everything. I was trying to work with him on my lap, with a sick bowl and the laptop on the window seal on a call.  My little boy looked up at me and said “mummy, I fuff foo” the first time he ever told me he loved me. It really makes you realise, it’s the little things we live for and need to appreciate more.
  • Currently struggling with major Mum guilt as I have to juggle my time between my 3yr old son and 5 month old daughter. My daughter obviously has the most attention and I feel awful that my son doesn't get me 24/7 like he's been used too. 
    He's been so amazing and loves his baby sister so much, and in the midst of a stressful food shop - he turned around to me, and said 'mummy I'll push the buggy, just stop a second and breath' - my heart melted!
  • Silly things like my daughter being presented with a pile of dressing up clothes and choosing the Spider-Man outfit! I love to see the joy in her face  <3
  • When I brought home my second daughter and my first daughter (age 3) smiled a smile so big and cried she was so happy to have her sister. Everyday she gets a nappy and helps to make her milk without being asked. Soothes and comforts her when she is crying and is the best big sister / mini mummy. Makes me so proud. 
  • To be honest life feels like it has been really hard recently, I lost both my mum and dad last year and my health and mobility deteriorated. I've struggled alot and sometimes I get so caught up in just getting through the day. I was working from home on my laptop the other day and when I looked up my daughter was drawing something. When I went over she told me, I couldn't see it as its for valentines day. On valentines day, my daughter gave me the pictures that she had been drawing and I felt so loved but guilty. I've been so focused on what I've lost, I forgot to see what I still have. My daughter is becoming a great little artist and she drew my favourite characters as a present for me, to make me happy and I need to focus on making more moments with my family.
  • I was in an abusive marriage for years with my children's father and I never realised how it was affecting my children because they were so little. Three years ago, near to the day, I was having a terrible day and I was exhausted. My little girl, who was only 5 at the time, looked up at me and said "mummy, I just want you to be happy". Thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes because it was such a massive realisation moment! That day I left my abusive husband, and completely changed my existence. Now as a family, when we have a decision to make we will say "I just want you to be happy" and use it as a way to support each other. My daughter changed my life that day and made me realise that my life means something. Since that moment I have grabbed every opportunity that has come my way and made my happiness a priority. 
  • My daughter would beam when she saw me and say 'me-me' as she couldn't grasp mummy.  Everything seemed fine then.
  • <3 First Giggle! <3
    I am a new first-time mum of a three month old and I must admit it has been challenging to say the least but one of the many things that made my heart jump was yesterday she giggled for the first time and honestly I can’t believe how much I love my little girl. It was a moment that brought a tear to my eye. 
  • When my son had all the usual three year old tantrums he used to shout `I hate you` and I always said `maybe you will like me again tomorrow`.  One day he said `Its tomorrow I like you now` - Always makes me smile and think tomorrow things may look better if today is stressful.
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