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Tell Winalot about the life lessons you've learnt from having your beloved dog: £200 voucher prize!

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Winalot would love you to tell them all about the life lessons you've learnt from having your beloved dog, and you could win a £200 Amazon voucher for sharing.

Winalot say “We believe dogs are our everyday heroes, whether it's making us laugh, keeping us fit or being our favourite companion; they are all heroes to us. Winalot also knows that owning a dog isn’t just about having a pet, but that they’re a part of the family, too. And the responsibilities that come with caring for them – walking them, feeding them, training them, keeping them happy and healthy – teach everyone in the family so much”.

To be in with a chance of winning the £200 Amazon voucher, scroll to the text box at the bottom of this thread, and tell all about the life lessons you've learnt from having your beloved dog. If you wanted to share a picture of your dog too, Winalot would love that.

Everyone who posts and answers the question fully, will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

We'll keep this thread open until 5/5/22, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.


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  • For as long as I can remember my family has always had dogs, Especially German shepherds! They are the most kind caring & loyal dogs. 
    In my lifespan I’ve had the privilege of sharing my life with 3 beautiful shepherds, Mia, Tayla, and finally Tia. 
    Mia & Tayla both sadly passed at the ripe old ages of 14. Tia who is also Tayla’s daughter is the last dog standing. At 12 years old she’s getting an old girl, to say she’s part of the family is an understatement I think she thinks she’s human sometimes!  
    My dogs weren’t/aren’t just pets they were & are my best friends! 

    The biggest life lesson my dogs have taught me is unconditional love. They love you on your good and bad days, they don’t care what you look like or how you smell 😅, they forgive and forget and always listen when you need someone to talk to! (As mad as that sounds!) 
    Now being a mother myself I’m so privileged that I can share that unconditional love with my children. 
    Im not very good at writing these sort of things but thought I’d give it a go! 
  • I don’t really know where to start, it’s so hard to explain how much your dog means to you, it’s like having another child, they can tell you want they want and need without actually having to say  any words at all. The best companion I have ever had, and I couldn’t even start to think of how life would be without him.
  • Our Lexi was our first baby! We were unsure of how she would react to our newborn but she has been amazing and you can already see the bond between. She constantly checks on him and guards him 🥰 Life lesson, Dogs are part of the family 💙🌈 there for you when you are upset to pick you up and give the best cuddles 🥰 and a great playmate 🐶
  • I adopted my scrappy rescue dog, Dennis, shortly before the first lockdown - which proved to be excellent timing! 

    A very skinny boy, he’d been found in the woods and had never lived indoors before. This meant that myself and my partner had to not just get him toilet trained, but just used to EVERYTHING that comes with living indoors. Stairs, for example. The sound of the washing machine. Laminate flooring (so much skidding!).

    I guess, then, the first lesson he taught us was patience. It wasn’t easy, getting him used to a new home, but we persevered - and, in the process, this skinny little guy with bald spots and scars began to blossom. He stopped shaking whenever it got dark; he began braving the sofa; he found his way up the stairs and onto our bed (it only took him 100 days). 

    The second lesson? The importance of organisation; we had to stick to a routine now, for Dennis’s sake, and the benefits soon seeped into our lives as well. During lockdown, he got us out the house every single day - and he kept me sane while working from home, making sure I took lunch breaks and finished on time. 

    The third lesson was the most important; love isn’t always easy. Dennis has some baggage, and that’s never going to go away; he will always be frightened of thunderstorms and fireworks. He will always want to eat what I’m eating. And he will always have an unhealthy fascination with squirrels - but that’s all ok, because we’re always going to be there to get him through it. Even if it does mean staying home on Bonfire Night and NYE. We’re a team.

    All that being said, though, the fourth lesson - that you get as much as you put in - more than makes you for it. Dennis has filled our lives with so much love and laughter. He’s helped us to make loads more friends. He’s given us more cuddles than I can count. He’s proven a loyal protector to our baby girl. And he’s 100% transformed our lives for the better. 

    No, he isn’t perfect - but he’s ours. And that makes him the best dog in the world!

  • L17L17 Regular
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    My doggy is one of my children but he’s also so much more. When I was pregnant, he was my protector, constantly sat near me and following me. When my human babies were born, He would protect them too. Even now, we may be in different rooms and he will place himself in the centre of the rooms to keep an eye on us all. He loves us and protects us and we couldn’t love him anymore and that’s why he has massively taught me that even on our bad days, we are still loveable and everyone deserves a cuddle 
  • Barnaby is our beloved Whippet. He came into our lives a year after my husband and I married. 

    I wasn’t sure about having a Whippet as I was worried he would be running around the house all the time and I thought I didn’t like skinny dogs but oh how I was wrong!! 
    Barnaby spends most of his time either in our bed (under the covers) or on the seat you just got up from! He loves cuddles and just to be with people. 

    I never truly knew how much love a dog could bring and give into our lives but Barnaby has shown us time and time again how much we need him and how he needs us. 
    My daughter adores him, she wants to play with him, cuddle him and although sometimes he is not interested whatsoever he always likes to say goodnight to her! 
    Barnaby will for most part stay back during the day whilst the kids cause havoc but in the evenings, especially when my husband is out training he always follows me around the house and curls up next to me on the sofa. 
    He knows when I need company, he knows when I need a cuddle and he knows when to come over and give me puppy dog eyes so I end up getting him a treat! 
    My life wouldn’t be what it is without Barnaby, my children wouldn’t have a best friend. 
    He’s taught me that love isn’t just for people it’s for animals too, especially dogs! He’s inspired me to write a series of books for my children all about the fun and naughty things he gets up to, like stealing and eating a loaf of bread of the side, attempting to chase squirrels up trees and how he really doesn’t like the snow! 
    Dogs are incredible animals in soooo many ways and I am so very lucky to be able to have Barnaby. 

  • I have grown up always having dogs in our family and they have been a huge part of my life and my childhood memories. I feel strongly that I want my children to have the same experiences and grow up living with dogs in the family home. 
    I strongly believe that dogs have a calming effect and they helps to reduce stress. They have taught me and my children how to be compassionate, caring towards others and given them a sense of responsibility as they help care for them. My son has autism and our dogs have definitely helped him to feel calmer and reduced his anxiety. A dog provides a sense of security and provides a love that is completely unconditional. The dogs in our home have helped our children understand more about the animal kingdom and they have developed a huge passion for animals which is beautiful to see. The dogs in our house have taught everyone so much and are an incredible part of the family that will forever leave paw prints on our heart. 
  • The life lesson we have recently learnt is how heartbreaking it is to make the choice that deep down you know is right for your dog even though it means loosing a best friend and family member.
    Life lesson two: memories are priceless! 
  • My beautiful Labrador Archer taught me how to be a mother. How to love unconditionally (and boy has he tested the limits at time) & the joy of watching him learn new things alongside the responsibility. 

    He’s been by my side through some of my darkest times, he loves me no matter what I look like or what mood I’m in. 

    He’s taught me to appreciate the joy in little things, watching his utter joy at bounding around the same forest he’s been in a million times, the joy in chasing the tennis ball or getting in the car.

    He may not be my only baby now but he will always be my first and I’m forever grateful for him, he gave me more than I could ever have asked for & more than I can ever give back 🥰

  • Over the years I have had the joy of being owned by lots of fur babies, a tiny little Yorkie Mindy, who thought she was a giant , she lived until she was 17, then following her , three boxer dogs, Ginty who was a clever , loving dog, she went to the bridge at 13, then Saska a fun loving girl who never failed to make me laugh, she went to the bridge at 11,  then my Prudence, she was my rock, my baby she went to the bridge at 13. I thought I would never have another fur baby after Prue , she broke my heart as did all the others when they passed. Then along came Bonnie a blue whippet a beautiful girl, different to my past furbabies , but non the less she has well and truly wormed her way into my heart. She is a nervy little girl, loves chasing squirrels, cuddling under the duvet… my life has been filled with unconditional love and sloppy kisses. 

  • To just have moments of sheer enjoyment at the simple things in life; watching him tilting his head to bask in the winter sun, the enthusiasm of just going for a walk, the happiness at seeing a friend or family member, the joy of a nap on a comfy chair... It helps me to notice and appreciate the little things in life that humans take for granted.
  • I have had many dog companions and they have taught me to be kinder, to be much calmer and to give unconditional love.
  • Having our little dog milie is taught me love and tenderness she is wondeful making life calm and filling my life with fun taking her everywhere with us.
  • What I’ve learned in life is never trust a person who doesn’t like dogs, but always trust a dog who doesn’t like a person. My boy Harley has been by my side through some of the hardest times of my life, he has been my guardian Angel 
  • Always listen to a dog. If they don't like someone, avoid that person. 
  • Time flys by so fast and our precious doggys only get a small amount of time with us. So you should make the most of it and makesure they have the best life ever.
  • The life lesson that I've learnt is that routine and lot of love and attention is what a dog needs to thrive. 
  • My dog has taught me to take it slow he likes to stop to smell the roses...and other dogs butts!
  • My lovely dog Maisie has taught me no matter how busy you are, there is always time for a walk! (And you’ll feel more energised and ready to tackle everything else after some fresh air, and a new perspective!).  Getting her was such a great decision, and she is very much central to our family. 
  • My dogs have taught me what unconditional love is.  They fill your home with it and you are never alone with a dog.  They get you out an about and meeting people too.  A real part of the family!
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