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Tell Winalot the sweetest or funniest thing your dog has done: £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs!

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Winalot would love you to tell them about the sweetest or funniest thing your dog has done, and you could win a £200 voucher for telling them. 

Winalot says, “We have been feeding dogs since way back in 1927: that’s almost 100 years of Winalot providing the dogs we love with all the vitamins and minerals they need to help keep them fit, healthy, full of energy and playing an active role at the heart of family life. We know that owning a dog isn’t just about having a pet; it’s about having another member of the family. And the responsibilities that come with caring for them – walking them, feeding them, training them, keeping them happy and healthy – bring teach us all valuable life lessons and bring us all extra happiness and joy.”

To be in with a chance of winning the £200 Amazon voucher, scroll to the text box at the bottom of this thread, and tell Winalot about the sweetest or funniest thing your dog has done.

Everyone who posts and answers the question fully, will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

We'll keep this thread open until 14/06/23 and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.

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  • Our black labrador Bert is so naughty. We were in our local park and there was a small group of boys playing with a football. Bert ran into the group and pinched their ball. He ran off with it and the boys couldn't catch him. It was mayhem. In the end Bert punctured the ball and we had to pay to replace it. 
  • Our dog Russ is a Golden Retriever, black lab and German shepherd mix. He loves lollipops. One day, he came out with us as we had to run into the store for something and left him in the car with it running. One of the kids had bought a bunch of these natural-flavored strawberry suckers. We get back in the car and we hear this sucking noise, and I turned around and said, "Russ!" and he popped his head up from the back seat with a lollipop hanging out of his mouth. He was sucking on it. It was so funny to see him with it hanging out of his mouth! He loves them. He also loves Halloween because of the lollipops.

    He is a very special dog to us. He was run over by a big jeep when he was 5 months old, and the vet said he had never seen a dog with such will to live and be so loyal to his family. He had a dislocated hip, bruised uterus and internal bleeding, broken ribs, etc. He was on oxygen for three days and survived it all, and he has a wonderful personality. Loves to lie upside down and smile. He shakes both paws, high fives, sits pretty and will sneeze!

    Love you mate!

  • My dog lottie is 10 years old and is a mini shih tzu .We usually know exactly where she is by her loud snoring  One night I thought I would start getting  ready for bed suddenly realised I hadn't seen or heard lottie  gor some time .Our house is really small so it only took about 2 minutes to check the whole of our bungalow  All our doors were shut and it was winter and lottie  hates the cold and rain so it was unlikely she could have got out ,I still checked the back  garden which isn't big and looked out on the road, by then I was getting upset .I had a sudden thought and looked under the foot of reclining sofa ,no sign and still no noise and it was impossible to get from one end to the other .My husband looked at other end of sofa ,out strolled lottie .
    Ot se³ems lottie was having a nice snooze in my end of sofa ,when I went to ho to bed I put the foot down ,my husband didn't have the foot up on other end but he decided to put the foot up and watch the news after I left, lottie had in that small gap decided to nip out of my side into my husband! She strolled out totally unfazed and yawned and went to sleep ,snoring as she Normally  did !

  •                                                              When we had snow a few months ago, me and my daughter decided to take our dog Bella for a walk to the local park. When we approached a large hill we thought it would be fun to make a giant snow ball. So, we started at the top rolling snow around and then proceeded to roll it down the hill. Bella not wanting to miss out on all the fun decided she wanted to roll the ball down the hill instead which was very funny to watch and resulted in a snow ball twice her size.
  • Mum's little Bella was given to her as a young puppy and was so nervous of anyone and everything, but Mum persevered and she became her shadow, and even being a small terrier cross, her protector too. She never left her side.
  • My Black Retriever Fin can be Really Goofy & if he's ever Naughty he Lies Down & Hides his Eyes behind his Paws & Creeps Forward on his Tummy to give me some Love.
    Daft but Funny!

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    Bumper - our Beagle X, has recently celebrated his 13th birthday. Bumper has several health complaints and has started showing signs of 'losing the plot'... Case in point.... Yesterday - at the beach, I was having a conversation with a lovely lady about our dogs. One of her dogs decided to lie down in the sand and Bumper proceeded to cock his leg and pee all over the back of her dog! As the peed on dog stood up, Bumper looked startled - clearly unaware there had been a fellow dog laying right by his feet. I just stood there, mortified and staring, as the pee rolled off the fur of the other dog! Thankfully, the woman laughed and said her dog needed to have a bath anyway. It's lucky Bump is so cute:

  • I go to Baron my Boxer when I have an important decision to make. When I suggest options he will get excited in agreement and smothers me with licks or whines in disagreement. It's funny and lovely.

  • Before we knew I was pregnant our softie of a dog all of a sudden started being really territorial and protective with me. Usually he loves to run off and play when we're out but he started sticking by my side at all times. Nothing happened to change this. Even when somewhere super quiet without a person in sight, he still stuck by me. He would follow me around the house more than usual and always squeezed himself between my partner and I on the sofa. When we found out about my pregnancy, I googled it and it turns out sometimes animals sense it before humans are aware. My protective little guard <3 
  • Bubbles, my friend's dog, enjoys barking at the snow, both as an enemy and while cuddling and rolling around. Both adorable and terrifying.
  • Well, it wasn’t sweet, and it wasn’t particularly funny at the time but we’ve laughed a lot about it since -
    some years ago I’d forgotten to leave my upper denture in the bathroom and not wishing to get out of bed I put it on my bedside table.
    Harvey, who has the full roam of the house, came into the bedroom and before I knew it he’d grabbed my denture and run off with it.  I gave chase but it was too late, he’d crunched it! A costly mistake which I’ve made sure never to repeat.

  • Our dog , Prince , use to play a game with our cat . The cat would hide behind the settee, whereupon Prince  would try to find the cat . The cat would then sneak out from the other side ,  and come and pounce on Prince . Prince would then chase the cat , who would hide again . They would then both repeat the cycle over and over again. 
  • When Chopstick was a puppy, I came home one day from work to find he had chewed up all of our cushions!  While I was angry at the time, it was also super cute finding him surrounded with all this fluff, and it makes me laugh now!
  • Our dog Milo likes to retrieve the socks stolen by our cat Milly. Which must frustrate her to no end. 
  • Scampi the border terrier is best mates with our cat Freddy, they follow each other around all the time and he always drags over his blanket to share with Freddy! 
  • We have a wonderful rescue dog, Eric - who is very food motivated. He's not to be trusted off lead when there are picnics about! My small daughter is often found carrying her snacks high above her head whilst walking around the house, as she's so used to him pinching them! One afternoon, we were at the park with friends and I'd failed to notice the little boy we were playing with, was munching on a piece of cheese. Before I'd managed to fend off Eric, he'd nudged away said cheese from the boy and proceeded to eat it in front of him. The poor little thing burst into tears, at which Eric looked up - realised what he'd done and promptly dropped it in front of him. The little boy stopped crying, grinned, and before we could intervene, immediately popped the remaining cheese in his mouth! Luckily my friend had a dog too so found the whole transaction adorable, but Eric was firmly on his lead for the rest of the trip!!
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    My scottie dog Charlie had been limping for a couple of days so I managed to get an appointment with the vet, hubby took him in the car (5 minutes drive)  
    The vet examined Charlie's paw said well I can't find anything wrong with it so I said that's because you're looking at the wrong one. Anyway she then examined the other and said she still couldn't find anything wrong and put him on the floor. 
    Charlie did no more than walk out and after I'd paid he walked home all normally I might add. Can't beleive how much the vets bill was for Charlie just to be conning us 
  • This is Madge and Boo.  They like to watch the birds together and when Boo gets some peas as a treat Madge likes to help her eat them!  They're my Dads new kids (he never got used to me being a grown up!).  Such a softy and so funny to see them together!
  • The cutest thing my Sasha does is come for bum scratches, she goes under your legs as you scratch her bum and she bangs her back legs on the floor as you do it, she is so happy and loving.
  • Our border terrier Tilly loves to play rough & tumble with my husband but when he was going through chemo it was like she knew he wasn't well and just used to sit at his feet leaning on him as though she was trying to comfort him. Once the treatment had finished and he was getting better she knew and the toys and rough and tumble were back 
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