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They Just Make Family Life So Much Better!

 This is Arli she joined our family as a puppy but she was a rehome and from a puppy farm. She has taught the whole family to have more patience, to think about there actions ( less shouting and being rough) because when she came to us she was a bundle of nerves. With patience and consistencies from the whole family she has come on leaps and bounds... She especially loves my daughter, they are the best of friends and love playing together. Arli brings a whole load of joy that we lost when we lost our previous dog (in fact I didn't think we would get over it) But Arli has taught us all to carry on and with her funny ways along with her pompom ears and has brought an enormous amount of fun and laughs! We spend days out on walks as a family with her, investigated new places and seeing the most wonderful sights and views. Our home would just not be the same without our little sock thief, she saved us as much as we saved her. Thank you ARLI you really are the BEST! 
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