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Tell Birds Eye about your favourite family fish dinners: £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs!

Hello, Birds Eye would love you to tell them which fish dish you’d cook for The Captain™, and you could win a £200 Amazon voucher for sharing your ideas.

Birds Eye says, "High tide or low tide, you can count on Captain Birds Eye to bring you nothing but the finest fish to enjoy with your family. From the popular breaded cod fish fingers to the deliciously dressed fish fillets, it goes without saying he finds it hard to pick just one catch of the day – so he’s looking to you for help."

To be in with a chance of winning the £200 Amazon voucher, scroll to the text box at the bottom of this thread, and tell Captain Birds Eye which Birds Eye fish-based dinner you’d serve him if he came to eat with your family.

Everyone who posts and answers the question fully, will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

We'll keep this thread open until 02/10/23 and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.

This discussion is sponsored by Birds Eye. Any comments and pictures provided by you, may be used on the MadeForMums website, on its social channels, in its newsletters and/or other promotional activities. Please only take part in this Sponsored Discussion if you’re happy with this. Please read our terms and conditions for taking part. Any personal data you provide to us will always be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.



  • Hi! It would have to be Fishfingers with mushy peas and potato wedges. 🙂
  • Chargrilled fish fillets with sundried tomatoes and a nice savoury rice, feel like a treat
  • Hey, if the Captain came to our table, he’d be given a feast. We’d start with a classic fish finger sandwich with his choice of condiment, and a side salad. He’d then be treated to a medley of chargrilled fish fillets in both subsided tomato and herb, and lemon and thyme. These would be accompanied by boiled Jersey new potatoes, and steamed mixed veg. 
    A shared portion of mixed crust fish steaks with pumpkin seeds and buckwheat, halloumi fries and asparagus.
    finally a shared portion of the classic battered cod and chips with mushy peas and curry sauce. 

  • Salmon fish cakes chips & peas 
  • Fish finger butty with tomato sauce and loads butter 
  • If the captain came to my table i would make a very special meal for a special man and that is Fish Finger Bhorta washed down with some god captains rum.
  • Fishfinger sandwich with triple cooked chips, tartare sauce of course and ketchup for the chips.
  • Ooh, so the captain will get a special sea themed meal for his visit ! 
    We will start with a seafood a prawn 🦐 cocktail but with squid ,crab and smoked salmon. ( Captain's seafood surprise)

    Followed by 
    A lovely 🌈  rainbow trout 🐟 with 🍋 and asparagus, purple broccoli 🥦, Birdseye peas and some lovely minted new potatoes 🥔

    And on to pudding ...A clamshell ice-cream with some edible mermaid glitter  🪩

    We'd play some sea shanties to make him feel at home and follow the evening with some rum cocktails.... Captain Morgans and Sailor Jerry's ( but don't tell them , SSH) 

    After a lovely evening , we' d lay out the red plank in honour of his visit and wish him Ahoy Captain. Until next time 🌊⛵
  • Fish cake fish pie with cheddar cheese on top! 
  • Roasted trout with cheesy mash and stem broccoli, yum!
  • I am sure we would all enjoy Chargrill cod fillets with sundried tomato & basil with new potatoes, peas and onion rings. I think I would let the captain choose what we have to drink with that. I can't wait.

  • Freshly baked bread fish finger sandwich homemade tartare sauce and triple cooked chips on the side
  • Fish fingers , waffles and peas with a slice of bread on the side 

    for dessert artic roll 
  • Beer-battered haddock with chips and minted mushy peas
  • I would love to make him duchess potatoes, chili peas and fishfingers
  • A tuna sandwich would be the best he gets from me! Lol
  • I think it would have to be a delicious fish pie with some delicious green veg on the side!
  • I would cook him some battered cod with triple cooked chips and curry sauce, also a side of bread and butter. Keep it more traditional 
  • definitely Fish Fingers with creamy mash and baked beans!
  • I would feed him cod and chips - a classic, but so yummy! 
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