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shock: screaming at night

I am sat here listening to my 16 month old scream! I am 36 weeks preg and am tired at the best of times lol. My 16 month old has been a fantastic sleeper and just recently has staRted waking in the night screaming (god knows what the neighboughs think) she was that good that she even used to stand at the bottom of the stairs wen she was ready for bed! She has always had a solid routine of bed at 7.30 unless she fell asleep before. I am now at a loss as this has been going on for 2 weeks and now all I have to do is mention bed and she crIes. She has not been in a cot for a bit as she prefered a bed so have put a night light in her room and her fav teddy. Tried calpol in case teethin. Brought her dummy back out for bed . Making sure her room not to hot not to cold, wheatabix before bed so she not hungRY! Juice no just bottle no bottle I am at my whits end but if I am to go into her she stops cryin. Is she testing me? I don't no what to do pleasae help x


  • Hey i had this with my little girl i was so tired and confused about what it could be and why she woke up in such a state the only thing that i found that comfort her was to see my face and to have a cuddle and reasure her it was okay in the end it got to where she was doing it most nights so i spoke to my health vistor and explain she said i could be something call terror nightmares basic it where they have a nightmare and it causes them to wake up scared but they cant remeber what it is it just shaken them its not much advise but i hope it gets better for you and your little one 😊x

  • Long process but start by sittinh with her till shes asleep then a few days later move to next to the bed then to the other side of the room then to the bedroom door then outside the door top of stairs halfway down stairs bottom of dtairs etc etc till she is falling asleep alone with u in living room,x 

  • Sounds like night terrors. They have a horrible nightmare and seem awake but really are not. It's a phase, can be a long one though, it's common and has to do with the brain regurgitating things they did or saw during the day. Only thing you can to really is have her in bed with you or hubby and make sure she knows shes not alone when it happens. It will stop. Even if it takes a while.
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