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My 4 year old is out of control

I'm 4 months pregnant with baby #2 and my daughter who is 4 next month's is out of control. She hasn't always been so naughty it has got worse the past month. I don't quite know what has triggered it, it could be the pregnancy, the summer holidays (she is in pre-school) so her routine has been off abit. She no longer naps during the day (only for the past month) 

When we try to go out she runs wild and ignores everything I say if it's shopping she pushed the trolley off nearly hitting people I have to bribe her with stuff to listen. If we walk a different way home she will put her feet on the floor and stop the buggy when she does that I take her shoes off but it just doesn't help and ends with me standing in the street with her screaming and me crying which could be down to the hormones. Soon as we are home its like sbe has completly forgotten her behaviour. They are the main examples of her behaviour from only the past few hours I don't wanna go on coz I could write a book on it atm! 

My partner works 6/7 days but we try to do family things in the evening and every Sunday which is hard with the behaviour. 

Any advice would be appreciated. Im going to try a rewards chart. 

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