Advice needed asap please

My daughter's father and I split up when she was about 4 and a years old. It was always just the two of us even I was with her father he was hardly there either fishing or playing on his phone and ps4 ignoring our daughter. My little lady has never had a proper father figure. Then on 1st April 2016 he told me and my daughter to get out because he wasn't giving up another home in front of our daughter and vowed to make me miserable until I left. So for the well-being of our daughter knowing it would affect her, I left. Kindly my gran took me and my little girl in then July we got our own place after 16 months at my nans. In May 2016 my ex severed all contact with his daughter despite my pleas not too. He changed all hos numbers and I believe he moved in with a new lady. 

About ten months ago I started seeing my boyfriend. About 2 months in I let the pair meet in a park my little lady loves so it was her turf so to speak. Generally, boyfriend and daughter got on well and I have been careful to ensure that she doesn't feel pushed out. Boyfriend and I live in different houses at the moment and have talked about moving in together later next year. My daughter seemed ok with everything. But recently her behaviour towards my boyfriend has become mean and hurtful. She ignores boyfriend, is rude to him, says she doesn't want to visit his house and can't wait for my boyfriend to go home when he visits most evenings but some nights she doesn't want my boyfriend to go. My boyfriend looks after me and daughter, she is always involved in choosing where we go? What we do?. He buys her treats and takes her to the park which she goes with him happily. She invited him to watch her school nativity with me. I talked to her about it today and my daughter has told me she wants to keep me to herself. She's said he likes my boyfriend but likes it better when it's just the two of us on our own. I make sure we have an hour before bed daily without fail to talk about the day. 3 evenings during the week I don't see my boyfriend to have mother daughter time. Also Saturday afternoons are mother daughter afternoons so she doesn't feel pushed out. My boyfriend has told me DD makes him feel so unwelcome. 

Her behaviour has become so defiant she says no when asked to do something. She ignores when told off. I have tried time out and taking things away. I have been soft with discipline because of everythingthat has happened. I made a rod for my own back. Now I need to get my DD in line and I have no idea how?

I'm not sure what else I can do - any suggestions I'll be so grateful for?
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