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14 months and screeching when tired 😑

So my wee boy is the most pleasant child, he wakes up at 7:30am-ish and I put him down around 6:30 works well for both of us, but sometimes I put him down for his nap around 11 cause he‘s crying for it and hes sleepy, sometimes he only sleeps about an hour and then come evening time from around 4ish he’s screeching in my face and throwing tantrums cause he’s exhausted, but I can’t put him down again cause it’ll ruin our routine we’ve only just got together, he’s only just started sleeping through the night the last month or so... 

Any advice? Ive tried keeping him awake longer in the afternoon but i just find it so difficult to keep my patience if he’s screaming in my face for bed. And my screaming I mean literally screeching at top of his lungs, it would drive ya mad 😂

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