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My 12 year old daughter keeps going to kids play areas and getting naked

I have just found out that my daughter keeps on going to our local kids park at night and getting naked and playing on the swings and slide. I want to punish her but I have something in mind but I don't know if it is right.


  • Hi, does she has a learning disability or anything like that as this sounds very unusual
    for a 12 year old girl to be doing this. highly dangerous and could put her in extreme danger if the wrong people see her.
  • Hi thanks for getting back to me. No she no difficultys she says she likes it and it feels good. I really don't know what to do she is sneaking out at night walking to the park getting naked and playing on the swings and that.
  • @Amber35 this does sound very odd. I don’t yet have children myself so I’m bar far no expert at parenting but it’s definitely a major concern for her safety. Is she aware of risks of preditors who lurk in parks? Also parks are not clean places so if she’s fully naked she’s at risk of all sorts. I really feel for you as you must be worried out of your mind. I wonder if there ms any other activity she could do where she can express herself and feel
    good without putting herself in so much danger xx
  • Thank you for being so understanding it is really hard I'm so mad at her she is grounded but I want to do something else but I don't know if I should.

  • @Amber35 what we’re you thinking for punishment? It’s such a hard one because you must want to punish her but at the same time you must be worried sick when she goes out, especially as there are so many weirdos out there. Hopefully this is just a phase but if it carries on I’d probably suggest a trip to the Drs just to check her mental health as what she’s doing is just so dangerous and not normal at all (no judgement whatsoever) hoping this resolved itself soon for you both xx
  • Aw thank you so much for being so understanding. I was thinking about smacking her on the bum I have always had this in mind but never done it. 
  • @Amber35 when I was a child we used to get a slipper if we were naughty and it never did us any harm but in this day and age a lot of people are very PC but as a parent it’s entirely up to you how you punish your child. In this instance I personally don’t think smacking would help as she’s not technically being ‘naughty’ if that makes sense. I do this she needs to be made aware of the dangers though and maybe this will scare her into not doing it. It’s not only her safety at risk but if any of her school friends or locals see her, you know what kids are like, they will take photos which will escalate and potentially cause bullying and all sorts. I’d probably start of with a chat about all of the above and see how that goes xx
  • Yes thank you but deep down I want to do it I want to embarrass her.
  • @Amber35 that’s understandable. I think if she’s aware of all the dangers and how dirty parks are, a trip to the Drs to get her mental health checked would be a good idea x
  • It seems that she is seeking attention for whatever reason. I would take her to talk to someone on a regular basis until you get to the bottom of it. Have you and your husband recently split? Of had some sort of major change in your lives?
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