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He smacked me!


Joshua is 17 Month and today we were at the doctors in the waiting room. He was twisting on because he wanted out of his pushchair and i wouldn't let him. I was leaning really close to him saying NO in my stern voice and he smacked me across the face. I was so shocked at just said no that s very naughty to him. He didnt seem to pay any attention.

How do you address your childs behaviour like this in public? I sometimes slap his hand but i didnt want to infront of all the people. Do you think i should have?

I feel like a failure letting my LO get away with smacking me across the face!!



  • Hi,

    My older one is now four, but I do remember disciplining her from a very young age. She was actually very communicative so if she behaved badly I would say "Mummy's not talking to you." And I would ignore her. She would not react at first, but I stuck to it, just not communicating and eventually she would realise and apologise. Till now, we continue this pattern as it works for us. However, the downside is that Alea, my 4-year-old, is really afraid to upset me... That could be good or bad!
    I guess what I'm trying to say is you ahve to find what displeases him, so he understands that his behaviour is displeasing you...

    Don't know if that makes sense to you, but either way, you'll find your way with him soon..

  • It's a nightmare - my son is going through a stage of completely ignoring any discipline! its very frustrating. He also has taken to hitting if he's not getting his own way. it doesn't seem to be out of wanting to inflict pain but out of frustration and to get attention. I go with a very firm no, that hurts mummy and look him in the eye as i'm saying it. if he's going to go into a rant then i restrain his hand/ arm and repeat what i said. the suggestion above is good - i do this if i get no response from telling him. i just say i don't want to see you if you're been naughty and avert my eyes. it drives him mad! and he hates it and comes up and says "see me, see me" and i either ignore him or just say no i don't want to see a naughty boy i want to see you when you're good. i also try and then really praise him when he starts behaving nicely/sitting nicely - whatever the first thing is that he does thats remotely well behaved!
  • my daughter has only once hit me, she has never tried it again because i hit her back(not to cause pain of course just for shock perposes) it did the trick. very rare that i tell her off just have to give her that look and she knows she has been naughty.
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