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How to stop delibrate hitting?

Hi everyone,

My 14 month LO is constantly hitting me in the face. She rarely does it to her father and never to anybody else. She has these little 'rants' and she gets fustrated very easily. Normally its when i have told her not to do something, or am trying to get her to do something (like dressing). She is definitely doing it delibrately as she looks me in the eye, frowns and then hits. You can see the thought processes happening!!

I have tried the 'steady tone, same short phrase, eye contact' method, and the 'explaining it hurts mummy' method. Nothing is working, she justs does it again. I know these things can be just phases, but this has been for a while now and its really getting me down as well as scratching my face up! I can't ignore it as i'm scared she will do it to other children. Has anybody been through this? :\?


  • i had this with Lennon he is now 18 months but i used to just put his arms down ad say now thats not nice,not sure how well it worked but i would just ignore it as much as you can,its because she knows you will give her a reaction from it,with getting frustrated it may be becuse she cant tell you how she feels etc but i would try what i have suggested

    their are things he will do to me but not scott because he sees me more often,hope it works out for you let me no x
  • Hi I agree with grudie, Just try and hold your lo's arms down and say thats not nice it hurts. Whoever they do it too, maybe let your family know what technic you are trying and then if your lo does happen to do it to them they can deal with it the same way.
    Its very hard to keep calm I know as my youngest(now 3 on 27th) used to hit when she got wound up or tired. She still does it but only very occasionally. I did loose my cool once or twice but I found it made her worse.
    Good luck babe
  • Thank you ladies for your replies. I do think she maybe feeds off my emotions as well. I guess i've got to remain as relaxed as possible when i know she may do it, and as you say keep up holding her arms away and saying its not nice. I know she loves me deep down!
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