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LO Grabbing and nipping.

My 14 month old daughter is well behaved but has recently started to grab and nip my face, dont think she means to hurt me but its sore. Anyone got ideas on how to make her realise this is not nice and to stop her doing it?


  • Lily sometimes does this but she has got better, I started showing her how to stroke my cheek instead and now she does that and says ahhh, maybe just gently say ooo don't do that to Mummy it hurts me and ask her to stroke you nicely instead...might take a few times you could do it her (the stroking not the grabbing obviously!) so she can see how much better it
  • Ah, my dd does this sometimes, and I just say very gently but firmly, no darling, that hurts mummy, and then walk away from her. She realises it's unacceptable then - it's gradually beginning to sink in !

  • I think most lo's go through this stage but its just a case of nipping it in the bud (excuse the pun!!) and making them realise its not acceptable.

    My ds was around 12 months when he went through this and bit a couple of times and started grabbing faces. We did the same as Mims and would tell him firmly no it hurts and walk away and he grew out of it within weeks.

    he's now 2 and is very affectionate and never shows any aggression to anyone or anything so as long as you act now it won't become a problem later on
  • Thanks for advice this is pretty much what i've been doing so hope it will sink in soon, she does the nice stroke too but normally after she nipped or grabbed me.
  • millie did this too but has also seemed to have stopped she would also stroke after and go awww. i kept telling her no and if she kept doing it i would remove her from me and put her somewhere else its only a stage and if u keep up with the no's she will soon go onto another phase hopfully something less painfull lol xx
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