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  • Well most kids grow out of it, however my DH has still got it (24) and it can get bad. You can use E45, Oilatum or diprobase on it, its not a quick thing you have to apply many times a day to get in to settle down again, and then maybe just do it morning and night. Dont use anything with perfume in it, DH can only use tescos head to toe body wash (its for babies technically), timotei shampoo still stings but its the best he has found so far. Hot/warm water will probably worsen it, but you have to wash her. Check that she has no food allergies as well, and if she gets hayfever make sure you give her something to settle her. My DH's eczema flairs up if something stresses him, so hayfever does it or work (though your toddler wont have that one) or summer weather.

    Betnovate has steroids in but the others dont as far as I am aware. Oilatum is horrid stuff, when DH eczema gets bad he is meant to use the bodywash stuff but he hates it soo much he doesnt, but you can get it for babies too- bodywash, moisturiser, and well its not bubble bath but you put it in the water.

    Hope this helps a bit.
  • My wee boy got this when he was younger, it has all cleared up now. use no bubble bath or anything perfumed in his bath, we got this cream called epiderm (i think) from the pharmacy which you use kind of like soap in his bath and put it on his skin morning and night, it worked a treat!
  • I have had eczema since being really young...i am now 23 & i have tried soo many creams/lotions out there. one that really works for me is hemp body cream....this is all natural & you can buy it from the body shop, its about ??8 a tub but lasts ages.
  • i'm 23 and still have eczema and my daughter (2) and son (5 months) also have it. if the doctors prescribe stuff for her it's best to use it as more commercial things can irritate the skin, eczema skin tends to be very sensitive. i put aveeno oil in their baths which stops their skin drying out and wash them with aqeous which again helps to keep moisture in their skin, people with eczema tend to have very dry skin so it's important to keep it well moisturised so it doesn't break as easily when they scratch, then i moisturise them all over with epaderm and put hydrocortisoe on their eczema patches twice a day. hydracortisone does have steriods but it's the only thing that gets rid of it and once it's gone they're eczema free for a little while. also be aware that water dries out the skin so don't bathe her too often but often enough to stop dry skin building up and making the eczema worse, i bathe them every 4 days but some eczema prone babies are bathed once a week, find the balance that worls for her.
  • Hi

    have you tried the Wet Wrapping Technique?

    It consists of applying wet wraps or garments and ointments on dry itchy skin. 

    See the following YouTube video for more details:



  • Try our Natural Olive Baby Bottom Butter, contains Organic Essential oil of Chamomile and Vanilla. Works wonders on dry skin, bums and Eczema! All Natural ingredients.




  • My son is 6 now, hes been having is since he was about 1 year old. its gotten better through out the years. he doesnt get it as bad now but i bath him with special body bath soap and after i always but lotion for the eczema. 


  • My daughter is one and is covered in eczema. We got nowhere with the GP so went private today (my husband has health insurance through his job).

    Unfortunately the private dermatologist said exactly the same as the GP. Just lots of greasy creams and steroid creams.Very disappointed.

    I suffered eczema for years until I had a allergy test and found out that my skin reacted to a lot of household chemicals (cleaning fluids,washing powder etc). Now I avoid the chemicals that Im allergic to and it is 95% better. Unfortunately they will not do allergy test on children until they are 3.


  • A cortizone shot should clear it right up (not sure if they're safe for babies).

  • I have had eczema all my life and mine is all over over my body.

    Alot of the creams prescribed by the doctors didn't really work but I found one myself called Aveeno which works wonders for my skin.

    It is expensive to buy but I have it on prescription from my doctor.

    Hope this helpsimage

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