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fussy 16month old

Hi to all mums,

Just looking for some tips or advice please to get my 16month old daughter to eat more than her favourite foods which are currie, spag bol and chilli con carni. I have no problem getting her to eat fruits but really struggle with fish and veg and eggs . I serve her the same as we eat but she just wont eat it.  Dos anyone have any tips or ideas please?


  • Hi Missmum, welcome to PP.

    Have you tried hiding the veg, pureeing it and adding it to food she does like?  It sounds like a backwards step but it may get her liking the flavour if not the texture yet, and then just gradually make it lumpier until it is just chopped.  Since she likes curries, make fish curry, make the sauce as usual and then add the fish at the last minute, it should only take a few minutes to cook and will flake into the sauce.  Eggs, well, again try and hide them, add butter, make scrambled with something else in it she likes, curry them?  You could make french toast and dip bread in egg before cooking, she might like that.

    Hope you crack it, good luck!

  • Hi Nicolatte,

    Thanks very much for your suggestions. Will give them a try and hope I get somewhere.



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