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Please Help me !

Isabelle has had a poorly tummy for a while and has been off her food which is understanable but for ages now she has being getting picky and its really getting to me. Not that I let her see that!

I don't give her anything other than what we eat,I refuse to cook seperatly for her as I believe we should all eat the same thing.

She will eat puddings/fromage frais etc but only has a few mouthfulls of her main course. Do you think I should not give her any pud if she doesn't eat?I don't want her thinking she can eat nothing,have a tantrum and then get a fromage frais!!But at the same time I don'twant her to be lacking in anything.

She has around a pint of milk a day(that includes on her cereals)which by the way she loves! She will eat her snacks such as grapes and bananas. Its purely mealtimes!we all sit together and eat as a family aswell.

As I write this she is stealing half of Pauls Muiller crunch corner!!

I know all toddlers go through a fussy phase but how long does it last?thats prob like saying how long is a piece of string I know!but she was always such a good eater


  • Jacks did this for a few weeks, with his hot meals, so as soon as he decided to stop eating even after one mouthful we got him out of the highchair and finished our meal ignoring him, he slowly realised no good would come of not eating

    he was a yogurt monster too and i would let him have extras worried hed starve, hv reasured me hed eat when hungry and he did, never had to get to the stage of stopping milk, because one day he just sat and ate gave him self a clap and got his yogurt atlast...

    also a week or two ago he started to ignore his cucumber, pepper and tomatoes etc with his sandwiches, we just kept serving them up, then one day he was at lunch with his cousins and they ate so he did to and has since!

    Hope you sort things soon, good luck! xxx

  • best thing to do is to not make a fuss and stand your ground. I dont offer pud if tea is not ate but I also dont force the kids to eat everything off the plate as I often dont. As long as they have tried then they get pub.

    I never offer something different if they dont eat or try it because they get on to it very quickly. I know you might feel bad.  but What your doing is right. 

  • She wont Strave herself. When she realises she cant get her own way all the time she will eat. Maybe alternate meals with normal meals and meals you know she already likes so she is not missing loads of food. She wont keep it up I promise
  • Arwen's got quite picky lately.All of mine have been at times.I've learnt not to make an issue of it.I just put the dinner in front of them,we all eat together.I clear away dinner.Give them pudding.If you don't give puddings unless they eat dinner it gives them the idea that dinners are not nice puddings are.I was brought up to eat everything on my plate and it's taken years for me to convince my parents we don't do that in our house.They have to decide when they are full or they won't learn to recognise that.I still tend to eat everything on my plate cos I think Ishould.I try to get them to eat some of everything so they get a good balance,but I think as long as they at least try you can't use puddings as a reward or bribe.Gives them a funny view of food.I also sneak healthy stuff in puddings.They actually do very well on what seems like very little food.If you add up all the food Isabelle eats in a day you might be suprised at how much goes in.
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