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Flying With Children

Check out this website for great tips


  • Hi I could not link to this article and I would be interested in reading it, especially if it has any advice on coping with Jet Lag.Perhaps you could repost the link please?

    This thread may be a good opportunity to hear other parent's holiday tips especially with the summer fast approaching.

    As far as flights go, my best recommendations is to take lots and lots of snacks. Also a portable dvd or cd player with cd books. But do not bring toys with fiddly bits as they always fall under the seats and get lost amid shoes, flight blankets and most of the food you brought now squashed on the ground. I actually find night flights easier as the kids should sleep for at least a fraction of the time. Most of all don't stress about the other passengers. You will not be the only family on board and most people are actually sympathetic.

    We are travelling to Boston this summer and I plan for the first few days to have activities but not be too full on. If any of you are coming to London I would recommend that you spend the first few days somewhere like the South Bank. There is a lot to do in this area if the kids are eager to get going such as the London Eye and London Aquarium. However there are also lovely riverside walks and a beach on the Thames as well as the Victoria Gardens if you want a more gentle pace.

     I would love to hear other people's tips and advice especially any Bostonians out there.

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