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When did you train your toddler?

 Moss is 2 and a half I don't think he's ready yet but I certainly am.  I don't want to rush him but though he'd have been ready by now.  I'm due again in october and I'd love him to be out of nappies cause the thought of 3 nappies to change isn't exactly appealing. He does seem aware when he's going, holds himself when he pee's and goes into another room when he poo's.  When outside and nappy free he is very impressed when he pees and stands and watches himself.

 Any tips? Should I just try him and see how we get on for a day or 2?


  • Hi Caroline,Tom was 2 and 3 mths,he told me he wasn't ready,we got to playgroup and his little pal had started,when we got home he refused to put a nappy on!!!

    First 2 days,he was having accidents,but kid you not by day 3 he cracked it,doesn't wear a nappy for naps either,only at night.

    He didn't like me constantly asking if he needed a wee,just seemed to grasp it very quick,and I had resigned myself for a wet fortnight. Was ever so proud of him.

    Why not buy some big boys undies,talk about it for a week then have a go-I'm glad I took the cue from him. What he didn't realise was his little pals mum and I had arranged to have a try together that week!!!!! She has twins and they too cracked it in a week!!!

    No fun buying loads of nappies,I know my other little 1 is just 13mths!!!!!

    I've saved loads! I would try hun,the worse that can happen is you go back to them.

    Good luck hun x x

  • God we've got an almost identical age gap between our kids!!!!!! I'm so happy for you having another I'd love another.

    What will you do about pushchairs????? I've got a side by side and a tandem!

  • jacks been asking to use the toilet when ever we see one, he nearly always wees, recon i should give it a go??? im personally in no hurry as weve been warned he may be slow with such things but i think thats a sign to try?
  • He starts playgroup at the end of August so maybe if he doesn't manage it before he'll be encouraged after.  I was hoping to get it done and dusted before I'm too big too move, but thats well underway anyway lol.  Think I'll make a plan to stay in for the best part of a week and try crack it, maybe starting at the weekend when hubby is here to help.

    mummabe we've got an out'n'about double which is great and Moss rarely goes in it these days so think I'll leave it at that, if need be there's a wee footrest on the front that he can catch a lift with his wee brother and sister if he's tired.

     Laura sounds like Jacks ready for me, asking to go is a huge deal, Moss shows no interest in the toilet and will only occassionally sit on the potty.

     Thanks for all the advice image

  • Glad your'e sorted travel wise!!!!

    Laura,I think Jack is leading the way hun,why not give it a go? I would try at least.

  • We just went cold turkey.Take the nappy off get the potty out and sit them on it for say ten minutes at a time.They get a smartie for getting it right,and if it happens on the floor I just clean it up,but remind them to do it in the  potty next time.Bridie was 18 months,Erin 21 months,Harry just over 2,same with Arthur and Arwen.As long as you're patient,calm and consistant you get there in the end.It took Arwen a couple of days to work out what she was doing,acouple of weeks semi naked all day,and by the end of the month I'd forgotten she ever wore nappies.
  • i cannot believe how much mothercare want for a potty!!!!image

  • We got a tommee tippee one from Lloyds Chemist .We got a nice ladybird one from Woolies but it was too small to cater for little boys.Wouldn't pay too much,they use the toilet soon enough
  • im yet to find one for under £8 its a chuffin bit of moulded plastic!!!!  i wanted to let him choose one, all mc had was fifi white and a purple one and then the chair type things
  • as if theres a place for books lmao!!!! Roo wants to get jack the frog one thats on the home page on here, have to see how much that is!
  • You can pick them up in supermarkets cheap enough-one of mine cost 99p sure it was asda???

    Got a nice blue 1 from boots £2.99

    I love those larger 'fun' potties but they are quite big and as Jo said they use the toilet soon enough!

  • boots didnt have any will try asda next time im there!
  • i got moss his from tesco for a couple of £. 

    not braved the training yet, not been in the right frame of mind

  • me either lifes took a turn for the worst and i dont need any extra stress x
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