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Last night

My baby girl spent her first night in her toddler bed, don't know whether to be happy she's have a deveopment spurt (she just started walking too) or sad that my babies growing up. 

Either way I'm proud, she only woke once and stayed in her bed this morning shouting for me rather than going to her gate on her door. 


  • wow, well done,

    Jack went into a toddler bed at that age, no bother, i got all teary the other day when lola was sat playing on her own, with out pillows all round her, its a weird feeling were constantly getting excited about the next stage and feel loss when we reach it! xxx

  • Wow well done Skye,what a big girl.

    Try not to be too sad Caroline-u'll have your hands full again soon enough!!!! x

  • lol yeah thats what i keep thinking, will be worse next time seeing as he's definately my last
  • Well done Skye,and you for being brave enough to let her.I keep mine in the cot till they get too big or I need it for someone else.I like to keep them caged.

    Seems really grown up,a big girl bed.It's always a bit sad,but at the same time you're proud they're doing something new.

  • sorry jo had to laugh 'like to keep the caged' i probably will longer with lola, jack had his own room, all safe and with toys so it was like a large cage lol, and hes always been very happy to play alone, if i get him to quick when he wakes up i get led out of the room and he shuts the door!image he likes quiet time alone!

  • moss is happy to play in his room too, they've both got gates on their doors so its just like a big cage.  bump will probably be kept in a cot for longer though seeing as he's definately my last
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