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new buggy for my toddler! but which one?

Hello ladies.. i was just trying to get some of your views on buggy's. i need one for my newborn but i dont know which one to get? image ive got my eye on this lovely little stroller from hauck called the 'Alu Turbo' its lightweight and comes in a whinnie the poo scheme (AWWW!). I was just wondering if anyone could help me decide! otherwise ill go for the Alu! image


  • What sort of thing do you need from a buggy? travel system? lighteweight etc! as a rule in my opinion maclarens tick most boxes apart from parent facing!
  • Don't get us started on buggy chat!!!!

    Are you thinking of having another soon after? Laura can steer you toward icandy pear-and it is lush!!!!!

    I'd consider all the functions you require,like travel system,weight,ease of folding,putting it in car boot etc.......

    I'm a buggy addict-got silvercross pram,that converts into pushchair,silvercross stroller,bruin stroller,tandem,side by side double,and yet I still look at new ones!!!!!!!

    Have a look at all the reviews on this site! They've got some good ones on here,also budget main concern for most-my ma bought my pram,rest of addiction came from e-bay!!!!

  • I have a travel system for when I'm driving and a pram for walking so Merlin can lie flat.It depends if you do a lot of walking,cos if you're in and outof the car a travel system is useful cos you just strap the baby in the car seat and you clip the whole seat in so you don't have to disturb the baby.

    I have a lovely Silver Cross.I wanted a pram pram without spending a fortune.This has a carrycot liner which is made of fabric and just fits into what will become the seat of the buggy as baby gets older.There's a lot of pushchairs with carrycots but I don't have space to store a carrycot as well as my other pushchairs.The main part of the pram folds in on itself "telescopically".Only takes up a little corner in my hallway.Also my little ones grow so fast I didn't want to spend too much on an extra piece for a buggy that I wouldn't use past six months.Only drawback to this pram is it's only forward facing once you take the carry cot picee out

    There's loads of lovely prams,depends on your needs and what you like.Enjoy shopping.

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