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Oh i likey! :D



  • I'm not convinced yet - I;ve never done abything other than simple posting though, never added photos or anything so I don't know whether that's easier. I don't like the look of it, and the forum index has changed too - I don't like change lol!

    I think it's out of order using people's real names, and to change Dylansmummy's name is so disrespectful - I saw in another post that they claimed not to know she had died! Does no-one oversee the forums?? If they're using photos you've deleted too Stephe, I think that's appalling too - presumably it means they've been stored somewhere and you didn't know!
  • Steph, I can overcome all the changes, but not the fact that they've registered all my details onto the other websites - websites I have either never heard of or never visited! I am not happy about it, and because they are all linked it means I can't get rid of them. Don't want my avator & user name etc splashed across other sites! Breach of data protection if nothing else.
  • Oh and Lara you're right, it is a lot slower. Do like the fact that the ads dont hide everything though, and the unread post bit at the top - but thats about it!
  • I agree, i became mrsSpuk - sounds very unpleasant!!!!
  • Tbh im not bothered Steph... I mean really what does it matter if im registered to other sites. Only my opinion of course. I guess im too laid back but i feel i have far too much to worry about right now than this lol xxx
  • Just realised how snotty that sounded! Sorry lol. I DO understand why everyone is so upset. TOTALLY!!! Im just not upset by it thats all. I hope you get some answers from them soon <3

    PS: I have removed my signature thing! I dont want my gorgeous babys faces to annoy people image
  • yep, doesn't matter that other site have now got all your personal details and can use them to either spam you with stuff or sell them on (which given this fiasco I wouldn't put past BE selling them on to their advertisers so they can email you too!) image

    I mean that in a nice way, but I know words don;t convey meaning

    I'm very dubious about all of this now - you're supposed to be asked to give permission for your details to be used ANYWHERE not just have them taken without permission. I didn't agree to that when I registered, in fact I made sure I checked the box saying do NOT share my details.....

    It is a breach of privacy and protection, but my guess is they're relying on people not to be bothered about it like you MNN so they can get away with it.

  • I'm with Stephe on this one!

    I'm beyond shocked at the publication of kid's DOB. And I don't like being joined up to other sites without my permission either.

    I'm a regular btw, not been on in a couple of months though... apparently someone else has my username! So if you're in any doubt, I'm the original Lea77 image accept no imitations!
  • Oh it's okay, it says I'm a regular under my name...though what's with the BX? We always call it BE!
  • i hate that i have been registered on other sites that i have no interest in, if i'd wanted to be a member on there i'd have joined!! luckily i don't come on here much anyway x
  • hmmmmm not too sure. I dont have time to get used to new things... aghhh

    No idea what my name is going to come up as.. grrrrrrrrrrrr

    Feel for the ladies who wanted to be anonymous and then their full names were published. Totally not on at all.

    d xx
  • just seeing if my name has changed or not!
  • I really like the new format but am quite outraged at my personal details being visible on my profile for 24+ hours until BE sorted their act out and let me change my site name (NOT because I am dumb and put too much personal info online, but because I sign in with my real name/email, which at the time I joined was a requirement, not an option, not sure if it still is now).

    I don't want to go as I have friends here, and a real community in Dec '08. But at the same time I feel that you've got to vote with your feet rather than just ranting about it all.

    I don't know how anyone can be ok about their personal details being published to the world and passed on to other sites and organisations.
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