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Check your details before being 100% happy Ladies

go to the links at the bottom of the page and double check each publication from Hearst Digital to see if they have registered you with them without your permission, and even worse USED YOUR PHOTO in the foruma without your permission.

You may have updated your profiles on here, but my guess is you will have to do so for the other ones as well!


  • Hmm i see what you mean i just checked thinking by clicking on link for YAYW and i'm logged on there under my first name when i've never been on there in my life!!

    I'm not sure if am too worried but why would they have you logged onto another forum which not interested in? xx
  • you should be worried - they have used your details without your permission to register you to that website.

    If you did not sign up to it you should not have a profile on there.

  • mmmm steph!! Why on earth would I want to subscribe to Y&YW when i've been married for 10years!!

    Does anyone know how to delete these accounts? or is it a case of emailing them all??

    getting quite irritated with this now!!
  • This is so out of order! I can't believe they have done this without notifying people of exactly what the changes are and getting our agreement to them.

    How do we get rid of our profiles on the other sites without loosing our profile on here? x
  • thats what I was wondering, if I delete all these other ones will my BE profile be deleted too? Im so annoyed with this, Im getting used to the new layout etc but the whole name change thing and now this has annoyed me! x
  • as far as I'm aware you can't delete/close your other accounts! You can ignore them but you'll still be logged in if you log in on here, or you can email the webed to have them closed or something, but given their lack of responses now this has all been found out it's doubtful you'll get a reply.
  • They are all linked.. I just deleted the private info on one of the others and changed my real name to 'sod off' lol. It now says 'hello sod' on here so I guess there is no deleting our profiles on the other sites.

    Absolutely appalling
  • It's not just Y&YW (which at least I did have an account for at one point). Now I have an account for Handbag, Harper's Bazaar and Company as well, which I have no interest in. :x This is really out of order!
  • its not just YYW you're registered to - its all of them in the Hearst Digital Network.
  • Ok now I am NOT happy.

    I could have SWORN my Y&YW account was registered under a totally different email address - it was my "maidan name email" and of course when I registered I wasn't married so doh! didn't use my married name! When I registered on BE, of course I used my married name email.

    So anyway, just went over to Y&YW and changed my name back to BrideJoo and removed Toby's pic from my avatar. I bet ANY money its now changed my details over here. Because I couldn't sign in as MummyJoo - but when I tried BrideJoo, it was fine!

    I take back me saying "oh its fine" I was wrong. This is NOT fine. They should NOT be allowed to use these details for their other websites!!!!!!!

  • See! Look!!! STUPID BrideJoo name and STUPID Bride avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aaaarrrghhh!!! ggggrrrrrrrr!!! :x
  • I've changed my details and added a fake address.

    Just can't seem to change my email!

  • I think it only logs you into the other sites when you access them. It's just an automatic login. I went to yayw and looked at the online list and the names i picked out that were online here weren't online on yayw - if you see what i mean?

    If you don't access those other sites and haven't posted then you shouldn't need to be worried about your details being on there as no-one can really see them.

    Hopefully everything gets sorted out soon!

  • when firing up the other laptop it shows me as being logged onto the others without that one being logged on anywhere...

    even if it didn't people on there could still see your profile/profile pic/ DOB, children etc etc etc....

    I still can't change anything and am getting no response to anything.

    Even clicked on forgotten password twice and nothing!

    Looks like they learn Feck all from YYW and decided to make things even worse!
  • im so confused! so we are registered on all these other websites with the BE longin? x
  • I've looked and am only registered on a couple of the other sites. I'm not too bothered though, surely the worst that could happen is I get more junk mail? x
  • or BE could sell your information on to other interested parties (like their advertisers) who can send you junk emails, postal junk, and maybe even give on your details further since you have no agreement with the other party for them to 'break'.....

    oh and anyone that sees your profile on the other sites sees all the info that is currently available on this one, such as your photo, your childs DOB/due date (which are still public on your profile hun)

    so you can imagine the horror when they had changed it all to our real names, included our real DOBs and our kids DOBs, and even dragged up photos that had been deleted by ourselves a number of years ago! On YYW (and I think even one lady on here) peopls OHs names were even mentioned when they hadn't been put on the site so god knows where they're dragging this information up from!

    All publicly visable for other members to see on sites we didn't register for.... not good enough when you check the box saying don't share my supposedly private details with ANYONE

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