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When do you give your lo their "main meal"? DS has his at lunch time and then just has snacky foods for tea (rice cakes/crisps etc). He eats really well at breakfast and normally at lunch but I'm wondering if he should be having his "dinner" in the evening ???


K x


  • Hayden has a snack at lunch (sandwich, crisps, fishfingers spaghetti, that kind of thing -not all at once!) then warm dinner for dinner, 95% of time what we are eating. we did it this way as i liked to know he had a full tummy at night so that he wouldn't get hungry through night when we were weaning off night time feeds.
  • Beth has her main meal at lunch. Mainly because she is a fussy eater so if she doesn't eat well at lunchtime there's still another meal in the day to try to get some decent nutrition in. I decide what she's having in the evening based on how well she ate at lunch. So if she had no veg at lunch I'll give her a pasta sauce with blended veg in. If she has eaten ok then I'll just give her something simple like a sandwich for dinner.

    I feel happier with her having stuff like pasta and bread before bed - fill her up with the carbs!

    Plus I don't often have time in the evenings so prepare a proper meal as I don't get in from work until about 4.45.

  • Hiyaimage

    We too have our main meal in the eveningimage again its so i know she goes to bed with a full bellyimage also she fusses at lunchtime ( will only eat a sandwich in her buggy???) and so i find she eats a good breakfast, a good healthy snack around 11 then lunch just after 12.30.

    Hope that helps!! Xx
  • We have our main meal in the evening so I know she's nice & full for bedtime. At nursery both meals are about the same size so always looks like she's eaten heaps!

    She's not a big eater at lunch anyway as she's usually tired & ready for her nap.
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