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2 year old who is behind with his speech

Hi. Was wondering if anyone else has a toddler that won't talk. My little boy is 2 years and 4 months old. He only says a few words. It is getting very frustrating for all of us as especially him. I have actually got an appointment with his GP this afternoon to check his hearing is ok, just want a to find a reason why he is so far behind with his speech. He also shouts a lot and is very loud especially when he cries ( but then his dad has a loud voice as well so don't know if he just takes after him).

Don't know what to do if the doctor says he is fine as have no idea what else I can do to encourage him to talk as have tried everything. We have even put him in a nusery a couple of afternoons a week in the hope that being around another children will help.

Anyone else in this situation?


  • DS1 was so lazy in speaking,i think he was about 2 1/2 when his speach started to come along but i think the main reason was becouse he had a dummy,does your LO have a dummy?

    the twins,DS2 hes been chatting away for agers but he doesnt have a dummy DD1 her speach is no way near as good as twin bro but she has a dummy,they will be 2 next week,
  • Hi, thanks for replying. Yes he does have a dummy but only when he is in bed either on his nap or at night.

    Have been to the doctors this afternoon and she checked his ears for glue ear etc and said there is nothing wrong with his hearing and he is probably just being lazy. If he hasn't improved in a couple of months I have got to take him back and she will refer him to a speech therapist. I am really hoping it won't come to that.
  • hey g/c but my oh was a really late talker and my mil took him to the dr's who subsequently told her to stop talking for him lol not saying you are doing this AT ALL but it is a habit that all of us mummies do as we instinctively know what our little ones want I had to stop myself a bit with ds1 as all he really had to do was point and murmur and I was all 'Oh does the we man want ......' here you go, so he didn't have to ask lol only she pointed it out to me I made more of a conscious effort to let him speak more!!
  • Thanks for the message Carlycuk, you have made me feel much better, everyone keeps telling me he will just start nattering one day and won't stop but it's very hard to not worry especially when I can't help comparing him to my friends children the same age as him ( I know I shouldn't). Like your little boy Liam understands everything I ask him. It's so frustrating as he knows what everthing is it's just getting him to say the words. He only started nursery about 4 weeks ago so fingers crossed that will help him.
  • yes my son is 2 next month and although quite vocal deosnt talk, except mum, dad sometimes and nigh, nigh( night. night) my hv said to check his hearing at 2 but im im honest im not concerned there are a few kids particulary boys who talk at 2-3 years.
  • my godson is 3 and says mummy, daddy and baby clearly and everything else is babble. he has only started saying these words in the past couple of months too. he sees a speech therapists and one of the first things she said was more and more reading with him and nursery rhymes.

    edited after i saw moonbeans post. my friend does that! she speaks for him all the time, translating what he's saying etc.
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