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Anyone adopted or thought about it? (also in baby)

Merry Christmas everyone!!! first post in toddler! My name is Liz and I'm mummy to Sara *waves*

So, OH and I have often thought of adopting, but until now we felt we weren't settled/mature enough to go through the process. Also, financially we're able to afford another child now, due to a change in circumstances. Our LO is coming up for a year old and so we have been talking about it more recently. So I thought I'd see what experiences you've had with it.

I've always been concerned about our suitability. To give you an idea, OH is self-employed, I work part-time as a nurse in A&E, our LO is nearly 1, we own our own house, we're not well off but we have everything we need, love and laughter in our house is constant...reading this back I'm not sure what I'm concerned about but Social workers always make me feel like a silly little girl IYKWIM!!!

So, really what I want to know is; is the process the nightmare its thought to be? How long does it take to get approved? Its all quite daunting. Obviously its early days and OH and I are still very much discussing the idea of it, but I'd love to hear your experiences and any pointers would be great!

Hope you all have a lovely day with your LO's around you, enjoy every minute

Liz xxx


  • Hi there ,i have thought about adoption but not in great detail tbh,i have a collegue at work who has just adopted a little one a year ago and although i dont know the in's and outs i know she was going through the process for a couple of years and it took her a while to be matched BUT she is in a totally different situation to you,single,young and living at home still so this might have been a factor in it. I also know the grilling from social services can be grueliing however i dont think this is something to be put off by i think to adopt a child is an amazingly selfless thing to do and id like to hope that when my children are a bit bigger we would perhaps be able to do this and give a child who doesnt have love in their life a loving stable family home. If its what you and your oh want go for it ....oh one last thing if you have children already you cant adopt a child older than your own xxxxx
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