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Hope You Had A Great Xmas!!

JJ certainly did :lol:

(sorry about the quality of the 2nd photo, was on my phone)


  • we had a fab christmas, thank you for having us over jenny! <3 (should i post the link of the kiddies playing on the ironing board jen?) x
  • yeah can do lol! x

    link to a video of my LO hollie (20months) and mrsjbournes lovely son (27months) on christmas day
  • Ahhh lovely pics. We had a "mellow" Christmas lol we rushed the girl's to dr's on Christmas eve as both were poorly - Mia had a high temp and was off her food and Lily was sooo unlike her self it broke my heart not eating, not happy just crying. She had/has tonsillitis. I saw dr day before and had/have a Chest infection so antibiotics galore in our house! Christmas morning was fun opening all the pressies and playing we didn't do much else hubby was in bed by 7.30pm he had slowly got worse as the day went on. Christmas dinner was a big flop as nobody really wanted to eat- Lily through a tantrum!Ahh well! Boxing day was a worse went to my brothers and Lily cried the ENTIRE time we were there- we contemplated not going but as they were the only family we were seeing over Christmas we thought we should make the effort!She eventually exhausted herself and fell asleep on their new all was peaceful for a while. Yesterday we did nothing- didn't even get out of pjs and today all Lily and Mia have done is sleep...and I had a lay in till nearly midday I say lay in I don't sleep much as my chest is so rattly and I cough like I smoke 40 a day every 5 minutes!lol Ahh well this time next week I'll be rushing round like a blue arsed fly packing...we need a holiday Oh good job we are off to Florida next Wednesday YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for the downer post we had fun really...together as a family image
  • wow ilmg, you certainly sound like you are all in need of that holiday, hope you all have a fab time, love a jealous fi
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