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Teeny, Tiny Shoes!

It feels very strange to be posting in 'Toddler'...I still think of my little girl as a baby but shes just turned one and this post wouldn't really fit in 'Baby' so here I am! :lol:

As I said L has just turned one and although she isn't walking unaided she loves to be on her fact that's all she wants to do wherever we are!

I've never been one to have her in shoes early but I wporry when we're out and about about things on the floor but don't want to hold her back by holding her all the time when she wants to be 'walking' I think the time has come to get her some shoes for when she's cruising and 'walking' out the house.

But my problem is that she's a very teeny princess and has very tiny feet! I haven't had her properly measured recently (planning to go soon) but from the 'online guides' I'd say she's a size 1. So does anyone know whre I can frind proper shoes this small? (even if they're just cruisers or even crawlers...just not booties) All I can seem to find is places starting at 2 1/2...or 2 at a push.



  • I have sort of the same dilemma- except my DD2 Mia is not yet 8 months as has already started cruising- she has been crawling since 5 months so I don't know why I am so surprised. I wanted to get her some crawling shoes as we are going on holiday in 8 days and I wanted some protection on her feet but because she is so young her feet are still very small (very glad about this really as her big sister is not quite 2 and half years and she is already has a size 9 FEET!!!) The only suggestion I have is to take a look at Inch Blue shoes (google them have a fab website)- they are soft soled so suitable from a young age and small shoe sizes too- 6-12 months feet Mia perfect! If she is isn't going to be walking in mud etc I think these would probably be OK?

    Anneka x
  • i bought wee slippers like the ones ilmg has mentioned, they were great. i got his from tkmaxx. if you have a shop near you may be worth a look. recently i saw a cool wee pair of what i can only describe as bendy but hard rubber soled sox! they would have been perfect for hayden as he was up and away by 9 months. and these were sized in months not shoe sizes.
  • clarks do from 2 up in crawlers...they say if they are above a size 1.5 they are allowed to wear a 2 because of growing room. this also goes for all clarks childrens shoes we were told and once they hit above the 'half' size they have to get the bigger pair so she may just fit into a 2?

    alternatively have a look in peacocks hun, they do 'pram shoes' but they have two little patches of proper rubber bits on the bottom so they have that little bit extra protection for our girlies with tiny feet! i'll see if i can find the 2nd pair we bought emmy-lee to send you a pic and show you what i mean xxx
  • What about something like this I know they are called socks but they are rubber soled and say they are suitable for use outside.
  • rfran, thats exactly what i was trying to describe!!! they looked really cool and would have been ideal for my son when he was little.
  • I was going to suggets clarks aswell. I know they do generally start at 2 or 2.5, but my niece is a tiny girl too and she was a 1.5 and they gave her some cruisers. Cant remember what size they were, but she loves them and they have really helped her with her walking xxx
  • i would also go and ask in clarks too. lizzie has been walking a little while now and was juts and just in a size 3 which was a blessing as they are the smallest proper walking shoes go in clarks and i didnt want another pair of crusiers when she is walking unaided. lizzies first crusiers were a size 2 from clarks and they have velcro straps which are helpful for tiny feet x
  • Hey I'm looking at getting Sara a pair from happy little soles, they seem good and start from a size 1. See what you think:

    LOVE Mary Jane in bubble gum

  • Thanks everyone for your replies image

    We're planning a trip to Clarks soon to get her properly measured again and will go from there. But if that fails I shall have a look at some of your suggestions!

    MyButler - thanks for that link. Some gorgeous shoes on there!!
  • freya had size 2 cruisers at 8 months from clarks she was a little under a 2 and they said she was fine. i love the cruisers freya had been walking for quite a while before i got her hard shoes for her first birthday and the cruisers were brilliant outside.
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