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Cold Turkey - Wish me well!

So tonight we are going 'cold turkey' and if our DD wakes up asking for milk, let her cry it out. Its a long story but she was always a good sleeper but we went on holiday and stayed with friends a couple of months ago and ended up giving her milk in the night and it has now become a habit with her waking at the same time every night asking for milk.

I start a new job on 10th Jan, start time 7.45am and I am 15 + 3 so can't be getting up every night to give her milk. She is 2 next week so she definately doesn't need it.

So, wish us luck tonight please ladies - I am dreading it! image


  • good luck! you never know, once she knows she isnt getting any she wont bother waking at all! As long as you stick to your guns! x
  • good luck,

    let me know how you get on please? my LO is 20 months and wakes about twice in the night with night terrors and the only way to get her back to sleep is milk. we cant do the cold turkey thing cause of the terrors.

  • Well, the first night we went to bed prepared for a bad night - and she didn't wake! Amazing! I heard her cry a a couple times but not enough that I needed to go in and he settled down and then last night She woke once with a bad dream, and I went in and cuddled her for a couple of minutes and then told her that she was going back to bed, it was night night time. I lay her in her cot and she started saying 'more' which means milk, so I told her I would get her her water. I got her her beaker of water and left the room. I thought she would scream and scream and I would be up for hours, but she went quite. She cried out about 15 minutes later, but again, not enough for me to go in, and that was it, didn't hear from her until this morning!

    SleepyBeccie - We think that she also suffers from bad dreams, but the milk thing had got to be a habit and she was waking up for milk whether she had had a bad dream or not!

    Fingers crossed how tonight goes - I am worried I have had it too easy so far and she is lulling me into a false sense of security!
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