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Just wondering if anyone has a balance bike for their toddlers and if so what they think of them, I have ready that balance bikes are a bit better for children then going onto a normal bike without stabalisers.  Do they work, do they children like them or are they a bit of a gimmic, thinking about getting one for H for christmas.

Also after advice (I know again sorry)   How do you get your little ones to let you brush their teeth regularly.     Harry will sometimes let me do his, sometimes not (although he does still have teeth coming through), Sometimes he will do them himself, although not very well better than nothing and oher day she wont let the toothbrush near his mouth, he will let my mum !      Bit worried as it is quite important to brush his teeth regulalry.  I tried making it fun, I let him do mine while i do his, do his teddies etc but sometimes these things work other times not, bit hit and miss really.

ANy advice greatfully received.



  • I just tell them it's my turn first,I brush their teeth,then it's their turn they brush their teeth.I t's sometimes so quick cos that's all they'll let me do but Arwen's nearly three now and she's getting the idea of opening wide enough ,we have to do the aaaa noise to get to the backs,,then the eeeee to get to the fronts,I'm sure we sound like a bunch of loons but you know what I mean.

    You can only do what you can to get them clean,.they soon become more co operative.

    Don't know about the balance bike.I can't see theadvantage over a trike and then a bike with stabilisers.They need a trike to get the practice at pedalling with the confidence they won't fall.Mine have all been between 2 1/2 and 3  before they got the pedalling instead of feet.The older children have been 4 before they had a bike with stabilisers,and 6 ish before without.Never tried a balance bike as I can't see what it does that a trike or normal bike can't

  • thanks for the info, he has a little trike already, doesnt really pedal it (one with a handle I have to push him) although he is only really now just about tall enough to pedal.  He is only 2 so think will wait til next year til we think about  a different kind of bike, I did see some children on one at the Lookout last week and they were whizzing along on it.

    Thank you for the advice on the teeth brushing, noise thing I think would be good - he will probably like that.  Just when they dont want you to touch them with it it is difficult, but he is cutting more teeth at the moment, his gum looks so sore today so that could be why last couple of days we have really struggle again.

    Jo I think you should write a book of baby advice as you have a few little diamonds of your own you have a lot of experience (although maybein a few years time when you have a few seconds to yoruself to do so).

  • Indeed she should!!!!

    We have a teeth cleaning issue in our house-with guess who? uh huh Jc!!!!!image

    Did try making it fun,did try what worked with Tom,now sadly he is literally pinned down. I do the mummy do it first then you try-with both of them. As some of you know I'm obsessed with their teeth,and brush them 2xdaily wether they like it or not. Tom is very co-operative,Jc not so. Hates having a wash too,same story,have to do it,try and do it as quickly as poss for him,but he is a nightmare if he doesn't want to do something.image

  • jack did a no teeth phase, we have a colgate toothbrush with bead in the handle and it rattles when we brush so i say ssssh listen and he stops screaming and listens and i sing shake shake shake your peanut, if he refuses on a bad day ill simply hold him and do it!

    Im a but funny with teeth, Ive never had any filings or anything done so i want the same for them!image

  • I have thought of tryinng to pin him down to do it but wanted to avoid that if I could but also dont think i would be able to hold him still and get a toothbrush in if he clamped his mouth shut, hopefully he will get better (he has got slightly better as he has got older but still quite often wont let me brush his teeth or even do them himslef)   Might be each time he has a tooth coming he hates it more.

    Wish I was more inventive when it comes to these things.

  • Yeah always try and be inventive first. We did try,and try,and try........last call was pinning the lil sod downimage I hate to do it,but alas I'm a tooth freak and don't want them having problems,so it's pinning down until he realises you have to brush them. Actually this morning-because I let him hold lightening mcqueen he did stand and let me do the bottom ones-had a slight scuffle with the top but he was giggling so maybe fingers crossed we're getting somewhere..........then again,he is Jc,prob back to square 1 tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

    Tom had a flashing toothbrush(cheap 1 from aldi) lovely wide bottom handle perfect for toddlers and it flashed for 2 mins-I told him he couldn't stop til the lights went off-you'd be amazed,he wanted to do them again-did try with Jc-apparently flashing lights hold no interest to the anti-christimage

  • I use the noises with my girls and then they can have their turn to do their teeth.  If they still won't co-operate I tell them grandad will be cross with mummy if they get holes in their teeth (they know he's a dentist) and tell them no sweets, juice or raisins until they have brushed their teeth properly.  This seems to be woring with both of them now they are 2 and 3.

    I did meet one mother of 6 at work (I'm a dental nurse) who used to tickle them until they opened wide, worked with hers but when I tried it my eldest nearly swallowed the toothbrush and the other one was shaking with laughter so much I couldn't get to her mouth at all!

  • I tried the ahhhhhh eeeee thing tonight he loved it we were seeing who could do it the loudest..  Hopefully that will work for a bit,  I have seen the different toothbrushes with music etc but wasnt sure if it would work but worht a try i suppose, havent seen any flashing light ones, no aldi near me. But will keep my eyes peeled.

    He has just started using the word NO a lot now, before he would always answer if the answer was yes but very rarely said NO just ignore me!! now its NO MUMMY!  

     HOw do you manage to pin them down,keep them still and get their mouth opemn! Hopefully the noise thing will last.....

  • Ha-with Jc,literally use 1 arm to hold down his arms(he's across my knee at this point)image then use other free hand to brush. Bring on sweating from me!!!!!

    Very good youngmummy-like the idea of tickling-but think we trid it and same thing happened in our house-too much giggling and slobbering to actually brush!!!

    You work for the NHS? Or community/hosp?

  • image Sorry being my usual nosey self-worked as RDN for years-probably why I have such a bee in my bonnet about brushing the lads teeth!!!!image
  • Teeth are important though that is why I was worrying about not being able to brush them properly.  When do you have to start taking them to the dentist, its about now isnt it.... two?
  • Yeah best to take them as soon as really-so they see you in the chair and get them used to everything before they have a turn!

    They usually have a quick look-the LO's love it,ride on a chair and a sticker!!! I'd take him along Charmaine,he'll probably be like Jc and open his mouth perfectly for the dentist!!!!!image

  • Thanks my dentist is a bit odd, nice but odd, he is an indvidual guy getting older now and probably will retire soon so think will go along to martins dentis when he next go there and he can watch martin and I can talk to harry about it.


  • Good idea-I've worked for some who can't be bothered with kids-which is very sad in my opinion. There are community hospitals and centres especially designed for children/dental phobics,they are wonderful places,and these centres have all the time in the world for children.

    Happy days working thereimage

    But I do agree nice to have a family dentist,then Harry can see his daddy going,I like that x

  • jack watches us at the dentist but has only been looked at in the pushchair, my lovely dentist informed me (despite the love for the dummy) his teeth are perfect!

    OOh rach im gonna have to look for the flashing one for jack i want him to be a bit more independant!

    With pinning down, Lola sits across my lap hand on her forehead and i have a finger tooth brush for hers and that works really well, but shes only 11mnths so not too strong!

  • Lucky you!!!! Jc stronger than Tom!!!!! No suprise really he is built like an outhouse!!!!

    Yeah have a nosey round aldi now I've converted you-less than £2 and kept Tom entertained and enthusiatic bout teeth cleaningimage has sparkly floaty bits in too-whey hey!!! Need to get out more-just ordered Tom,me and Jc matching Thomas bags off e-bayimage Yeah I'm going to now have a Thomas handbagimage bet you all want 1 eh???!!!!!!!

  • ohhh link please!!!!image

    Lola is VERY strong, she batters poor jack but im stronger!

    (did i not mention roos there holding her tooimage)

    gotta find them tooth brushes jack LOVES light up stuff, hes been crayying around a 'lightsaber' from the fireworks for days, wont turn it off, there will be tears when the batteries die!

  • You know I cant do that!!!!!!

    Wish I could-need lessons from you oh pc guru lau!!!!image

    Mmmm sad that-you need re-inforcements!!!!image Could you kindly ask him to come and help me???

    Don't bother asking big fella-probably stronger myself!!!!!! Well when it comes to bullybaby I am!!!!!

    I kid you not tho,that child is freakishly strongimage he tries to pick Tom up now-that's the latest thing!!!! He almost suceeds tho that's the scary part!

  • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! lolas been lifting up the play table by the leg, then drops it and makes a huge bang, she loves it!!!

    Just copy the address at the top of the screen you want to show

    and click the link button next to image

    paste into top box, write what it is in bottom, then ok, done!

  • In English????image No will try it latr cheers teacher x
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