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Toddler milk? (Also in Baby)

Do you use it?

I said to my OH I wanted to read the tub, to see what the difference was and make a decision on whether to start to use it for James. So he just went ahead and bought one!! :roll:

Anyway I have started to use it, as we used up the Follow on, and hate the thought of the waste of money tbh. I've asked for opinions in BIJan, and been told it was sweet and someone's HV had said it wasn't worth it. I do agree it does smell sweet, but I think it is just 'flavoured' with vanilla.

So what do you think? I like the fact it has the vitamins etc in still, as I worry James might not receive enough with what I feed him. image

Thanks. xx


  • HI chick, in my house it works for us. I can take it out as an 'emergency' also LO wakes in the night still (4 months) so we take a carton to bed with us incase (as it doesnt spoil)....for anything else milk related, like his bedtime milk or brekkie we use normal full fat milk.

    LO is also at nursery where they only give full fat milk unless I provide the formula so he takes both, I use the toddler milk as it is convient for us x
  • Thanks for your reply.

    I'm a little confused. I must be reading it wrong. I'm referring to the stage 3 toddler milk. Sorry for being daft, but I'm reading your reply as you give toddler milk and full fat milk to your 4 month old??

    We will start to give cow's milk on James's cereal soon, and then introduce it to drink. But have the whole thing of dropping bottles too! xx
  • Hi,

    We still use the toddler milk alongside full fat milk for lo at 19 months. He has formula 1st thing and last thing then milk or water the rest of the time.

    Lo is not the best eater so it's for the reassurance that he's getting the extra vits from the formula really.

  • Hi

    We use Toddler milk purelu because of the extra vitamins and iron it provides. Ty does have full fat milk in porridge, omlettes etc. But has the formula to drink.

  • We use the toddler milk at bedtime only.

    he has a cup of full fat milk in the morning.

    We use the Hipp organic one which someone told me isn't sweetened or flavoured.
  • Thanks for your replies. Reasurring to see it is being used by people. xx
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA massive 14 month old not my 4 month old!!
  • akaladyk....that's what I thought! :lol:

    Thanks all xx
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