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Molluscum Contagiosum

Hi has anyone had any experience of this and did you find any homeopathic treatments worked? LO has had it for around 8 months now and it's starting to get worse. Have been to GP several times so i know there is no "official" treatment. Am considering trying zymaderm or colloidal silver topical treatments. Any advice? LO is 15 months old.

Thx x


  • Hey, I'm sure you've googled it but I just found this:

    I'm sure this is what my nephew had and SIL gave him thuja with good results - did take a couple of months to go though.

    Good luck hun xxx
  • Hi J - yes LO has had it for a good 8-10 months too.....then one on his leg and chin got very large. Took him to the doctor and they gave him a steriod cream, it cleared it all up in 2-3 weeks (literally the week before my wedding they went) and they havent come back.....

    I will go find the cream and text you the name. They are so unslightly!!! Apparently about 80% of under 5's get them at some point x
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