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if anyone can help me ,,,

... I just know it will be the wonderful ladies in here!

OK, not sure how to explain this, but Abby got given a fantastic christmas present, which keeps her entertained for ages (especially useful when I am breastfeeding Milly) but it is already getting really old and tatty - so I want to try and track down where I can buy more. But I have no idea what it is called.

It looks like Gruffalo stickers - (with 2 cardboard boards with a picture of the deep dark wood) but they peel off and stick back on again (if that makes sense?)

I asked the person who gave it to her, but he bought it from a bookshop in Abu Dabi, while he was working out there - so that's no use, I am not going all the way to Saudi Arabia just for some Gruffalo stickers! No matter how desperate I get!!! I have also tried googling - but I am not sure what I am looking for - so that didn't go well.

If anyone can give me any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it! image



  • Can you post a picture of it? x
  • not sure about the exact same match but you can get The Gruffalo activity book, that has some of the background scenes in with reusable stickers in, got ours from The Works I think, but also seen them in The Book People catalogue before now and also in WHSmith, ours is also a favourite with DS, as is anything gruffalo related, this has been played with everyday since xmas, its one of those that has other activities like colouring and puzzles in too, just a thought if you can't find an exact match. x
  • I know it's not the same as you are describing but what about some Gruffalo fuzzy felt?

    It'll be a bit more hard-wearing than stickers too

    hth x
  • Ooh thanks girls - loving the idea of fuzzy felt! I didn't know they still made that stuff! image Will definately have to get some.

    I think i'll pick up the activity book as well - that way I can have a selection of emergency toys, to whip out when I need to.

    Thanks again girls - I knew you'd be able to help! image

  • have some gruffalo stuff on sale,they also have the activity book etc xx
  • amazon and play both sell gruffalo jigsaw books and actiity/sticker books, not sure if that helps xx
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