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Cotbed sides are off - is a new toy/cuddly appropriate?

Hey ladies, and a Happy New year to you all!

Well, we bit the bullet and took a side off Skye's cotbed last night (the other cotbed side is against the wall so we didn't remove it yet) image She has been terrible to settle at bedtime for the last 2 weeks, coinciding with her falling out of the cot one day quite badly image

So we thought we'd get on with the "big girl's bed thing" while we're both still off work in case there are repercussions! She took her usual hour to settle, with a new stairgate across her door to stop her running amok, but wasn't too bad really for her first night of freedom! She slept all night no problem which was great image

So now we just need to adress the hour long crying/screaming that happens before she actually sleeps...

She didn't get any new bedding for her cotbed as she had a duvet set in cotbed size anyway, so I was wondering if a new cuddly may be appropriate as a "perk" for staying in her big girl's bed instead? she doesn't like us leaving her at all so maybe a new light-up cuddly might help??

Have any of you given a new toy when making the transition to a bed?

I have my eye on a cuddly light changing teddy in the sale in Argos, as last night she went to sleep with her new torch LOL!!!

Edited to add that she does have a special comforter she sleeps with already.

Any thoughts/experiences please ladies?

Thanks, Iz and Skye x


  • Thanks for your replies ladies!

    Tonight and the previous night have been much, much better thank goodness. My hubby put her to bed as she's worse with me, and she didn't get out of bed when he slowly left the room, which was great. She did get up about 10 minutes after he left her, as her comforter fell out of her bed, and then started to get a bit upset, so he went back up settled her down, and she got back in, babbled for 15 minutes and has fallen over by herself, phew

    I did get her the light up teddy which she seemed very pleased with, so it may have helped too!

    Here's hoping for more good nights and only a few more stressful bedtimes

    iz & Skye x
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