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Car seat advice please

Hi Everyone Happy New Year,

I hope you can help with a little bit of carseat advice please, am posting this in Toddler as well as its for both of my children.

Henry will be 23 weeks on Wednesday, he weighs nearly 22lbs and is very long - he is comfortably in size 6-12 month clothes and has been for a while (Dr projects his adult height to be about 6"3). His carseat (Maxi Cosi cabriofix) is getting very tight and his head is right at the very top of the seat which makes me think he is going to need a new one fairly soon. Neve is 3 (today!) and is 31lbs heavy and 98 inches tall, she is in a Mamas and Papas Pro-tec and it fits fine.

My problem is this - what do I put Henry in? Do I buy Neve a booster seat suitable for age 3.5 up

and then give Henry her carseat in hopefully in a month or two? I worry that it doesn't recline enough (the recline on it is not great) so have been looking at this one (my sister has it and the recline is very good)

If I buy the Tobi I can keep Neve in her current carseat until she is 4 which I am inclined to think is a better idea.

Has anyone had this problem or do you have any of these carseats, or can you just tell me what you would do if you were me - all opinions welcome lol!

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