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How long does teething 'last'?

DS is getting another tooth - he doesn't seem to suffer with each tooth but every other - not sure why - he got a molar the other week and other than being grouchy for a couple of days you wouldn't have known anything was going on!

Whereas this week he has got a temp and is very low.

How long does teething last i.e. when can I expect DS to have all his teeth? He is 15 months and is cutting tooth no 9.


K x


  • I believe its pretty normal to have all their teeth by 3 years old, although charlotte has all of hers at 21 months. I guess its kinda hard to know the answer for sure as all kids are different.
  • Thanks - I thought it might be a case of everyone is different ! Oh well, I guess we just need to keep plugging on ! Poor little fella - I just hate seeing him "out of sorts". image
  • I was just wondering this yesterday! my ds is 15 months and is currently cutting teeth numbers 9 and 10 and is down with it. Temperature, sleeping all hours and very grumpy. ben like this for 5 days now, i hate seeing him so upset and not being able to help apart from calpol and teething gel and cuddles, which sometimes arent enough!

  • I think they are all different - my ds had all his teeth at 23 months, but he had 16 at 14 months, then the last 4 took ages to come through, and he was suffering with them on and off for all that time!
  • ds is 21 months and has 16 teeth (he's had 16 since about 18months), so still four more to go yet, these last 4 though (the very back on each row) seem be coming and going as every now and then he gets all the signs of teething but no new teeth, grr! x
  • Dd cut her first at 10 months and still has two molars to go at 27 months old image
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