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Hi everyone i havent really posted much in toddler but would like some advice about my nearly 15mth old.

Recently Grace has become fussy with eating fresh fruit in that she wont! Its almost like she does not like the texture of it, she will hesitently pick it up and bring it to her mouth but will not eat it. I give her lots of praise for touching it and licking it but there is no way she will eat it and if i manage to get a small bit in her mouth she spits it out. Just wondering if anyone has any tips of what i can do. She will take a fruit pot and happily munch on dried fruit its just fresh fruit she seems to have a problem with!

Thank you



  • Gabriel is exactly the same and is also 15 months. He has fruit in his mouth for 1 second before spitting it out. He used to love banana but no more! The only thing I am doing is stewing fresh apples/pears/plums up and adding to rice pudding and custard and then he loves it.

    I will keep trying but I guess it is also a texture thing.

    Sorry - no help whatsoever but wanted you to know that you are definitely not alone.

  • Bea will eat any fruit pureed and added to yoghurt etc but the only fresh fruit she likes is melon! She has melon every day and I often add in a bit of something else to get her to try. Today it was apple which she picked out. That's normally what happens but I'm hoping one day she will like something else!
  • you're not alone!! My ds is now just over 3 and has just started eating oranges and tangerines again but thats it!! He used to love all fruit when weaned but then stopped eating around 18months.

    In fact my son doesn't eat much and i've worked with wondernanny over his eating habits and she gave me a good suggestion to leave small bowls of pieces of fruit around the house where they can get at them freely and this does seem to work as they are picking at it at when they want to!

    I also make ice lollies with fresh fruit and these go down well!! Ice lolly moulds are available in tescos and make some with fresh fruit juice and puree'd fruit or milk and fruit, they are gorgeous!!
  • Thanks for the replies im sorry that you are going through it as well.

    I tried leaving some grapes in a bowel this morning around and she licked them but wouldnt eat them but i guess i will just have to be patient!

    The Ice - lolly idea soundsfab abd will def give that ago.

    I think i will add more pureed fruit to things and at least

    she will be having some.

    Thanks for your advice and hopefully this is 'just a phase!'
  • tell her shes not allowed them and that they are "mummys"

    i bet she wants them then!!! :lol:
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