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Throwing food on the floor - how to stop it?

My DD is almost 15 months and *always* throws her food on the floor when she's finished eating - it's her way of telling me :roll:

I've tried ignoring it and also tried telling her "No" (results in laughter) so neither work!

Is it something she'll simply grow out of or should I be doing something about it?

I should add that the last week, whilst she'll still chuck food on the floor, she's started to hand me her plate when she's finished instead!!! How can I encourage that, but making sure she doesn't do it before she's eaten enough?

Thanks xx


  • OMG - I wish I knew ! H is terrible for throwing food on the floor when he doesn't want it !!! I don't know if its because he doesn't want it though - or he is just being a pickle. I'll pick it up once but if he does it again he doesn't get it back.

    I hope someone has the answer !!!

  • Ah, I remember this phase! My son use to throw the food, pick the plate up and rub it into his hair. I'd just take the plate and food away, told him that food wasn't for throwing. He stopped it after a month or so.

    However! Now he tips it onto the table, rubs the plate on his hair and puts the food back on it-then hands me it with a forceful 'TA!' I'd just keeping ignoring it, I don't think it's worth battling, lo will grow out it, eventually!xx
  • I've tried ignoring it but then all his food ends up on the floor. Was mortified when he did it round my brother in laws before Christmas - all on thier carpet !!!

    I don't know how to tell if he is doing it because he doesn't want the food or just because !

    He doesn't do it with his breakfast or lunch - which he is mostly spoonfed - but sometimes he will feed himself - but tea is normally finger foods and this is what gets thrown on the floor.

    He went through a stage of refusing to eat tea ... which we got through and he was really getting better at tea time - but he seems to have regressed. He is a bit off food generally at the mo as he is teething (molars I think - they are giving him serious grief!!) so I'm not too concerned at the mo - but he has been throwing food for ages now and I don't know how to stop it ...

  • Beth does this too. I take the food out of her reach as soon as she does it, say no and then ignore her. After a while I give it back to her but if she does it again she doesn't get it back.

    tbh she does this even if she's only just started eating so generally she only gets given a couple of pieces of food at a time - too much and all she sees are things to mess around with! 2 pieces are ok - one for mouth, one for hand!

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