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Plug switches!

Grace is nearly 15mths and at the moment seems to have an obsession with turning plugs off and im just after some advice on how to get her to stop.

I tried the firm no approach, distracting her, ignoring her and taking her for some time out, however nothing seems to be working.

She only turns them off and once she has done that she will leave them alone, they have socket covers on them but we live in a new built house so they are at an attractive height and in obvious locations for her.

Am just not sure how to get her to stop help please!!


  • DS1 went through this phase at the exact same time, and we too are in a new build.

    He is now 22 months and I'd say about a month or so ago I noticed he'd just stopped.

    I have socket covers, and he even attempted getting them out... I drew the line there and he stopped that pretty quickly.

    If it is becoming a real problem in certain areas of the house, then you can buy socket covers from Kiddicare;

    HTH xx
  • Not to worry you but Daniel discovered sockets at about 11 months old and still plays with them now (25 months). Nothing I have done makes him stop. He plugs and unplugs stuff as well which fills me with horror, but i can't get him to realise that its dangerous - though lately if I tell him to stop and its naughty or whatever then he will leave them alone more often than not. Those socket protectors look great Sarah, might have to get some - fed up of resetting the clock in our room!!

    Though knowing him he will open them anyway! He can undo baby gates and the latches on my kitchen cupboards... nowhere is safe!!!
  • Yep my 3 year old is still doing it!!! and I tell him its dangerous and he could hurt himself everytime he touches them but he just replies "No it won't mummy, its fine"!! Obviously he's a 3 year old that knows better than me!!!!

    I still have socket covers in most so they shouldn't get a shock but he's also a sod for putting plugs back in their wsockets if an appliance has been removed - his favourite is the microwave!!
  • My Dad mounted our TV on the wall last weekend so ds1 cannot reach it now to turn it on and off. He CAN however, reach the plug socket, discreetly hidden in the corner of the room. So now he simply turns it on and off direct from it's power source.

    Hence why I went on the hunt for the socket cover box...

    Little darlings aren't they?!?! :lol::lol:
  • ive tried to cover every socket with something! lol

    i made the stupid (but innocent!) mistake of switching off dds nightlight with my big toe one day... now she decides she wants to kick it everytime she walks past!!! arrgh!!! lol
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