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Any late starters to nursery?

I'm thinking of starting my ds, almost 2, in nursery for 2 mornings a week soon. I'm completely torn with this decision as on the one hand I think he would enjoy it and on the other hand I think he might find it hard at first as he is so used to being with me or family, i'm a SAHM. Also with him being older he is a lot more aware and it could be more difficult settling him in - eeek! Although I will probably find it harder than him!

I'm pregnant at the mo so will be great to have a few mornings with new baby on our own. Would love to hear experiences of those who have started their LO at nursery at a later age and how they took to it.

Also any tips on what to look for in a nursery and questions to ask? Thank you!


  • my son was 1 in december but i am already looking at him starting nursery for 2 morning sessions a week next january, i think he will need the socialising as he is also looked after by me or close family and i think the change of scene and interaction with others will do him good, i would be interested to know what the others say, and if you do decide to send him then keep us updated!

    good luck!
  • woW! you are in sam esituation as me,my son is 2 on 23rd and im 5 months pg with my second. i am going to look roind nursery next week with a view of sending him 2 mornings a week tilll he starts school,more if he loves it as he gets older! i am doing it for his deveolpment really and although toddler groups are great, he seems to lake stimulation, plus it will give me one to one time with my baby which i gave to carson when he was small,so would be nice to do the same. carson has only ever been with me or mum/mum in law and i too am a SAHM so can relate to the leaving them part, but remember its a few hours and they will soon get it that you come back and they are safe, and the time will fly and most children love it, although i hear some take a while to warm up! crying when you go, ect.

    as i say im going to look round as want to be 100% happy before i leave him anywhere as of course as any parent our children are everything to us, we want them safe and happy. the questions for me will be how many kids in class? what they do? and telling them about carson and how i feel he may need reassurance being a first timer! and ask about payment and cancelling if unwell on the day ect. just have a good look round and trust your instsincts.
  • DD started in nursery last september when she was 22 months. it was really hard ot start with. her first settling session she cried so much when i left that she was sick. the second session she cried on and off for the whole sessiona dn refused to eat. we had tears going in for a few weeks (she goes 2 days a week) and it took a while for her to eat anything there and she refused to sleep. once the initial crying was over (usually only a few minutes, i used to stay out of sight in reception until she calmed down then they would let me know it was all ok and i would leave)she would be happy all day and rarely cried.

    eventually she started to eat and sleep then all of a sudden she stopped crying when i dropped her off she now gives cuddles and kisses to all the girls that look after her. she even has a boyfriend who she talks about non stop.

    she loves nursery now and sometimes pouts when i take her home as she is having so much fun. i have found that she is coming home with so many new words every day its unbeleiveable. as she sees the other older kids doing things she wants to join in and has now started to feed herself every meal with spoona dn fork (she could before but prefered me to do it as it was quicker and she didnt have time to do it herself) and we have ditched the spouted cup and just use normal plastic beakers (like a adult glass but plastic)

  • Louis is starting nursery on 10th Feb, he'll be 2 weeks off being 2.

    I'm also a SAHM, and I have Theo who is 17 weeks +1.

    I have felt for some time that Louis could do with an extra nudge in his confidence and feel that socialising without my presence would be beneficial to him.

    The cost is astronomical, so we are starting with one afternoon a week. Which I hope helps him.

    I wouldn't feel guilty, you are doing a fab job with your LO, and once they get settled into nursery, it will give you a well earned break!

    (unless like me, you have another LO or got one on the way!!!) image
  • I have just started my LO at nursery 2 days a week and she is 18 months. She has a 7 week old brother and as i dont have any family nearby thought it would be good both for her and me to have some time apart.

    She has only been 2 morning so far but its been great. I think as she is a bit bigger she wants to play and be out of the house so she has been happy with me leaving her (which i was worried about as she has only ever been left for 2 nights before with a friend when i was busy producing her brother).

    In terms of choosing a nursery i mainly went by word of mouth, and the the one we were most recommended i just got a good vibe when shown round. My childrens centre produce a leaflet with all the questions to ask
  • i am a nursery nurse and i would say 90% of the time for the children that start with us at age 3 it is their first ever experience of being away from mum to a place like a child care cenrtre. and about the same % are absolutly fine and quite ready for the "break from mum" ( i mean this in the nicest possible way) the other 10% we work closely with parents and settle the child at an appropriate pace for them

    i wouldnt have put hayden into nursery age 2 if i didnt have to, but for work reasons and family i have had to , other wise i would have waited till he was three and gets his free government place.
  • What is your experience of 2 year olds settling in Fi? I really can't predict how he will be. He's very independent and not clingy in the slightest, he's always been like this wherever we go but on the other hand he is that bit older and only used to me and family caring for him.

    If he finds it too stressful I will wait and start him at pre-school just before 3. I would have done this if I wasn't having another baby soon, that was the original plan before suprise baby came along! I'm hoping he will enjoy nursery for a few mornings rather than being stuck with me 24/7 whilst I BF new baby!
  • Livvy started nursey at 21 months( in Oct) and the first few times she cried when i left but they rang me half hour later just to say she was fine and was as soon as i had left.

    i wanted to send her as i thought it would be good for her to socialize with other children and not be with me all the time as think at times she is bored when we are at home all day as i am pregnant and tired alot of the rime.

    She loves it and now i have to drag her away when i pick her up. She does so much there and as i am pregnant and do not have much energy then i am glad she does all crafts and that there as at times i have no energy.

    She brings me home lovely sticking,paintings and drawings image

    I am not working at mo but thought it would be good for her to go one day a week and gives me a little break too. When baby comes i am thinking about her doing a extra day so i get some time with just the baby too.

    Gem x

  • to be honest every child is different. we had a family of (then)4 (now)6! and the two youngest were in the pre 3 unit when i was working there. both literally sat in their buggy for a good month and any time you tried to take them out they would go riddgid and get upset, so we would take toys to them snack, even painting etc and slowly but surely they came out their buggy and joined in. this is the extreme and without saying too much they were better off in nursery than being at home iykwim. but the majority will at age 2 cry and wonder what mums doing leaving them but if they are a good nursery then they will not force you or lo throught the settling procedure. and should encourage you to stay with him for as long as is needed. he may suprise you and settle realy well. but dont be upset if they are upset, just try and encoursge them to explore their new environment and reasure them all the time. even if it starts with you litterally leaving the room for a few mins and returning to show lo that mummy DOES come back for you!!

    hope it all goes well, love fi
  • Thanks for sharing ladies.

    minimoomoo - I remember your posts when your girl started nursery so it's great to hear she settled well and is enjoying herself now!

    Gem - i'm the same with being pregnant and exhausted and not up for doing as much with ds. He enjoys toddler group so much and hates leaving so i'm sure he'd love the experience of nursery.

    Kel - Sounds like we're in the same boat! let me know how it goes!

    Fi - thanks for the advice. I'm definitely going to follow his lead and not push him too hard if he doesn't settle well.

    Sounds like most settled well after a while so fingers crossed! First things first, I need to look around and find a good one.

    Any other questions or things that I should be looking for when checking them out? x

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