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Eating habits

i was wondering if anyone can offer me any advice?!

Lo seems to have really gone off his food over last few days and it has becoem a bit of a battle now am quite tough and wont give in and make him new/ different dinners (i did when it was something new and wondered if he didnt like it) if he dont eat enough dinner, even just a couple of mouthfuks i wont give him a pudding and this week he had no treats such as crisps/choc as not ate well lol

I know he has a back tooth coming through and that he may have caught my cold but think that nearly gone now, and also in last few days he has had some really explosive nappies only about one a day. He had his mmr a week or 2 before xmas.

I'm getting really sad as my boy that was a great eater is becoming fussy!!! image xxx


  • We found that our lo went off her food when she was poorly. Does he attempt to eat, or just refuse?

    She's only got 4 teeth at the moment, so can't comment as to whether it would be this. I believe that cutting molars are the worst though. Have you considered paracetamol or bonjela before a meal?

    I can only advise to offer little and often. Maybe something that you know he normally eats, like yoghurt or fruit? I think it's also important that you try not to make too much of a fuss about him refusing food, and just take it away & offer later.

    He will eat when he's ready/hungry & I'm sure your little boy will be back to eating you out of house and home soon :lol: xx
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