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Toddler and baby routine help!

I just wondered what your routine during the day is with a toddler and a baby. Getting out the house is still pretty stessful and seems to take forever with either DD or DS taking it in turns to hold things up lol. Then evenings...well I started bathing them together so DD didn't feel left out but then I find I have a screaming baby and a toddler who is running around naked after her bath while I am trying to feed baby!

So how do you manage bathtimes? Hubby isn't home until just before 7pm so he isn't about to help.

How does your day look?


Oh DD is 2 and a half and DS 7 weeks.


  • Hiya,

    The best thing I can think to say is it does get easier! My DS is 3 and a half and DS 8 months and I remember how hard it was in the beginning. Like you my hubby isn't home until after bedtime so nightimes can be the hardest.

    Our routine now is....

    7:30 DS gets up, DD sometimes has a bit of a lie in so I get his breakfast and we have breakfast together. When she wakes up she has her bottle followed by her breakfast and we will then play with their toys or go out for the morning.

    She usually has a morning nap which is then good one on one time with DS.

    We have lunch about 12:30 and now its good because they can have the same thing sometimes.

    Again when she has her afternoon nap (after her bottle)DS and I can spend time together.

    They have dinner about 5 and then bath about 6, we then tend to stay upstairs, reading books and having cuddles until I put her down at 6:45 (after milk) and him about 7/7:15.

    It is so much easier now that she is older, she is happy in the jumperoo and likes to crawl around and play with her brother.

    It also helps that he goes to preschool which gives me valuable time to run the hoover round.

    I think it is hard to start with but once the baby is in a bit more of a routine it will get so much easier.

    Sorry if I've waffled... HTH! X
  • Thanks!

    That's helpful. I think I need to make bathtime earlier to give myself more time to get them sorted.

  • Hiya,

    It's a while ago (DD is nearly 3 now) but from memory our routine went a bit like this:

    7am munchkins up, OH sorted DS' brekkie while I fed DD then he got them dressed while I dived in the shower and whacked some war paint on lol!

    8am OH went to work (not usually home before 6.30/7pm so the rest of the day was just the 3 of us!) All played for a bit then DD went down for nap about 9am for good couple of hours so got some quality time with DS.

    12ish- feeding time at the zoo

    1pm ish-toddler group, swimming, play n stay, meet up with friends etc. DD generally had a feed and a snooze part way thru the afternoon.

    5pm kids teatime

    6pm both in bath, get hair and bodies washed then whipped DD out and put loadsa fun toys in for DS while I dried and PJ'd her. She then sat in bouncy chair with dummy while I got DS out and sorted.

    6.30pm downstairs for milk/supper and chilling out cartoons then DD to bed by 6.45pm and DS by 7pm.

    They're now 5.5yrs and (nearly) 3 and we still have a very similar routine, the only difference is that DS is at school, DD does 2 half days at nursery and they go to bed about 15 minutes later respectively!!

  • Thanks for that one - never thought of taking DS rocker up to pop him in while I got DD sorted!

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