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Tyler is 14 months old and will only feed himself with his hands (apart from yoghurt), so everything he has needs to be planned with this in mind. I'm abit worried that he has a pants diet as he loves anything in breadcrumbs, he has turkey dinosaurs, fish fingers (omega 3 ones), veg fingers, rosti's etc. I also make him omlette (which he loves), I also do veg for him to eat sometimes he will sometimes wont. He has things like cheerios and shreddies for brekkie (dry) with grapes.

Am I worrying unnecessarily or do I need to re-think his diet ? For snacks he has organix snacks, yoghurts, breadsticks etc.




  • Oooh, I don't think I can help much but my lo is a breadcrumb fiend too! Have you tried giving him a fork to use. Lo has become quite adept at spearing fish fingers and things. I tend to put things like peas with turkey dinosaurs and put some on the same forkful so he has them together.

    Lo also eats things like macaroni cheese (sometimes I put salmon and spinach in this too for more of a main meal) and vegetable pasta bakes aswell as he loves melted cheese (won't eat a piece of cheese for toffee). I give him a fork with these things too but he will also eat with a spoon so I don't know if that's why he's ok with the fork.

    Sorry if that wasn't much help x
  • Hi i dont post much but my litte boy also eats everything with his hands can use a folk an spoo but must be easier with his hands i make what we are having an he eats whatever it is with his hands including yoghurt mashed pots an cereal with milk so maybe you dont have to limit it to thimngs you would think are finger foods? x
  • he sounds like he eats quite a good variety but my friend's little girl is the same at 18 months and she just eats what they eat with her hands, she has her table in the kitchen and loads of those bibs with full arms. examples are spag bol, salmon and veg, mini weetabix with milk loads of messy stuff

    I find spag bol is quite good if you go easy on the sauce and mix it in with the spaghetti my little boy used to just pick it up and stuff it in.
  • my lo is also fairly independent at the minute and wants to do things himself he will use spoon but hands are quicker and from memroy of workking with kids they learn this way and will get better. My lo doesnt seem to like fishfingers or chips lol but he has what i'd call normal food like pasta or sunday dinner etc and just feeds himself and i'll try and get another spoon and feed little bit while he busy>

    Have you ever tried giving him his brekkie with milk or does he not like it? I give mine cheerios with some milk take chill off and then let it soak up a little then drain most of and he likes this and i have dared this week to leave more milk on! xx
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