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Which foods for toddler with diarrhoea?

My 15 month old has suddenly developed very loose poo!! I think it is probably down to the apple juice and sultanas we have just introduced into his diet. He is absolutely fine in himself but I am wondering whether I should still be feeding him and if so what with? Do I still give him milk at night/morning?




  • i was told by my doc that if you have the runs due to a bug then it is best to try and eat food as normal as possible as you want to "flush" the bug out your system and the more you poop the more of the bug gets expelled! i would think it is the same for wee people to but keep to foods you know they are okay on and gentle on their systems.

    i would keep your lo fluid intake up as the runs can make you dehyrated.

    love fi
  • when ds had a dodgy tum wesked our paed (was seeing him anyway) and he said bananas, carrot, pots and other root veg are good for loose poos, he did say also to cut back a bit on dairy until back to normal as it can act as an iritant (but ds was doing 5-6 explosions a day at the time, so if ur lo's is milder than that it may not be too much of a problem re the milk feeds) hth xx
  • yeah I'd say ripe bananas, spuds (boiled or mashed rather than fried, root veg and white toast and probably avoid the dried fruit and fruit juice until it firms up a bit. Plenty of water too good luck
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