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Peppa Pig Tour - would you take a 19 month old?

Or would she be too young do you think?

She is very sociable, chatty and loves to dance (v steady on her feet now - at 16 months) but I am not sure whether she will still be too young for it.

The show lasts an hour and my friend wants to take Katie ini a few months when she will be 19 months to see it.

Has anyone taken their little ones and what do you think?

Any advice would be greatly received.




  • Hi love are you talking about he Peppa Pig Party Tour, if so i took my little one, she was just about to turn 2, and she loved it, there was lots of music and very good at getting the kids attention, my daughter was dancing all the way though and shouting to them all, you are not sat a full hour, it was on for 20min then break for 15min then back on for 20min, well worth going, and i think she would love it if she is that into peppa pig. Hope this helps.

    Pink H
  • Hi, thanks for that. Yes, it is the party tour.

    That is really useful to know esp about the breaks. SHe LOVES dancing but is not 'into' Peppa Pig as such but I think she would love it too.

    Thanks v much image

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