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take away puddings?

My ds (13months) has always been hit or miss with food, somedays eating 2 rounds of beans on toast, and a big bowl of pasta, other days throwing everything he is offered on the floor!!! the problem has got worse since christmas when he has been given more treats than normal (he has a sweet tooth like me!) and more snacks as we have been at gatherings etc. the last 4 days he has refused anything that isnt a biscuit/yoghurt/crisp! today at dinner we all sat down to a roast dinner and all he ate was 1/4 yorkshire pudding, the rest of his dinner went on the floor, i decided to make a stand and he went without being offered the usual puddings (yoghurts/jelly/crumble and custard etc) needless to say he drained his bottle at bedtime!

Should i continue to be strict about this or just feed him what he wants to eat? there have been days recently where i have made him a yummy meal which he has thrown on the floor and i have then given him an array of snacks just so i know he has eaten something! (which is rediculous and i always said i wouldnt do...but i hate to think of him going hungry!)

is he too young to make the connection or will he soon start to eat what he is given if he knows he wont get anything else?

sorry for rambling..... image


  • I'd say at 13 months he is old enough to understand that he will be hungry if he doesn't eat his dinner as long as you are consistent, I'd stick to your guns too on the pudding front, I didn't and needless to say it has been a huge battle now my son is older

    I was the same as you (although my son struggles to put on weight so have to give him high calorie diet) but I would always panic if he didn't eat and offer all sorts of other things which actually just completely confused him. He is always the same round Christmas too eating only toast and chocolate I have given up trying to make him eat if he doesn't want to at this time but he is 3 now and I can get him to eat most meals now but believe me the earlier you start being firm the easier your life will be when it comes to stress, a few days of stressing about whether he is getting enough is far better in my book than years of stress of a very fussy eater

    good luck anyway, be brave make a rule and stick to it, I did it with bedtime which is my saving grace just wish I was stronger when it came to grub haha
  • I have been going through very similar phrase with my boy in last week and think we about cracked it lol!

    He is over 14mths now and did eat really well and was good eater. My friends have told me it is a phrase they go through and to be tough and i have been and today we seemed to have turned corner.

    I stuck to no puddindgs if he ate no dinner and nearly all week my lo had no crisps choc etc as i wanted to make sure he not getting too into junk as like you he has enjoyed all sorts over xmas.

    I have been giving him lots of praise if he even eats a little something and if he eat nothing as hard as it is i have been not making too much fuss and just demonstrating no pudding as there'll soon learn lol! image

    P.s he also slept just as well last few nights even though he not eaten all his regular meals and i know i worried about this too. Oh and i've checked his teeth he has bout 4 coming through at same time so is this possible for you lol?? xxx
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