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Travelling with cows milk

We're going away next month for 2 nights and I don't know what to do about cows milk. My DS is 13 months and has been on cows milk on a morning and night for 2 months now. What have you done when you've gone away?

Could I keep cows milk in a flask either warm or cold, for use that day? What about the second day/night? Should I just revert back to formula for the 2 days we're away and hope he takes that again and it doesn't cause us problems when we get back home?

Really unsure what to do so would appreciate any advice, thanks xx


  • Where are you staying? If you're staying in a hotel they should be able to give you a glass of cows milk - when we've been in hotels, even just at a wedding reception, we've asked for it at reception or the bar, and it's usually free. It might not be full fat, but this won't matter for a couple of days - and to me would be preferable to/less of a change than switching back to formula.

    Or you could buy a pint from a nearby shop and put in the mini fridge in the room if there is one.

    I've also seen cartons of milk with a straw in the baby section in Boots - think it's UHT treated so not sure how it tastes, but would be easy to store as no need to refrigerate until open.
  • When we went on holiday we I bought some cartons of toddler milk for the flight there and back and the hotel we stayed in the night before we went. Ds drank it fine then went straight back to cows milk when we got home no problem. x
  • Thanks for your comments. We are staying in a hotel so hope they'll supply cows milk for us, as suggested. Just in case though, I'll be packing a couple of cartons for emergencies xx
  • Hi everyone,when me n my family went down south to see the inlaws at christmas time i use cows milk for the travell down there i waited untill last minute to pure it her bottle which waz warm thn put it in a heat contaner to keep the heat.thn i put the over bottle into cold bag u thm ones were u can store chilled products.

    i hope this helps sort of xxx image
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