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temp of 38.4 and wont take meds - advice please!!

Morning ladies, I had a feeling ds (3years) was threatening for something yesterday and he's been up everyhour through the night and has a temp of 38.4 (was 39.1 at 2am this morning!!) but after a bad experience with a steroid at the hospital in Dec he is now refusing ALL meds!!! The steroid for croup last month made him sick so he's now scared to take anything

I just don't know how to get some calpol down him!! He won't take it in squash - he's not a fool and knows it tastes funny and spits it out!!

Help I need some tips for getting it into him, other than forcing it down his throat which i'm reluctant to do with a strong willed 3 year old

He has no other symptoms at all which is quite odd, so I don't know what it could be!!

Help please, thanks Claire and a very hot Shea xx

also in baby x


  • I'd probably just strip him off for now and try and keep him cool, have you tried meds in strawberry milk or something might be less obvious. My GP always advises actually getting them very cool, like standing by the open back door and we've done this a few times when our son was younger with temp of 39 obviously only for a few mins at a time

    Has he had chicken pocks? sometimes they can get a temp with no other symptoms just a guess though hope he feels better soon
  • Oh dear, hope he's OK ?

    I can't help really as I have exactly the same issue with Archie in that he refuses to take the meds. It was slightly easier reverting back to a syringe rather than a spoon though.

    Archie also always refuses to let us take his temp so it's even more frustrating. All that money on a digital thermoniter and he refuses to have it anywhere near him.

    Good luck x
  • Hi Claire, I know how hard it is. The only thing I can suggest is a syringe to make it as short an experience as possible. He won't liek it, I know. But if you pinch his nose and tilt his head back, it will go down. x
  • my lil man hates this too, i put in milk or mix with yog and that works
  • thanks ladies, he's told me if he can watch a backyardigans on nick jnr he'll have some medi!!! thankfully I have one on sky+ so now sticking it on. I've also stripped him off and he seems a bit cooler. i'll take his temp in a bit and see if its come down.

    He hasn't had cp yet so I am half expecting some spots to appear but I also called nursery school and told them he wouldn't be in adn she said there had been a few kids off with a raging temp one day and fine the next so we'll see!! :roll:
  • Bless him, it's horrid when they're off colour but you've gotta love the bribery from a 3 year old lol! Hopefully the Yardibuns as DD calls them have done the trick and he's taken some meds but if not would a little chocolate bribe work for him? I'm sure you know this already but if you're sponging him down to reduce temp then the water should be tepid rather than cold and concentrate on groin, neck and underarms.

    Hope he feels better soon and it's not another bout of croup, both of mine suffer with it so you have my sympathies!

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