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hello ladies,

got a huge shock yesterday and have to share before I burst! I was supposed to be going into hospital today to have a laparoscopy and removal of endometrial tissue. I get a phonecall last night to say it was cancelled due to bed shortages (to say I was pissed off was a major understatement). My lovely husband was trying to cheer me up so suggested I take a pregnancy test so that I could have a drink (I wont risk drinking if even a slight chance I'm pregnant). Since having a miscarriage in November, my cycle has been all over the place and we did the test to prove it would be negative. But.....

It was positive!!!!!! Have now done four tests and all positive! To say we were shocked is putting it mildly but am soooooooo pleased. I have no idea how far along I am must be very early stages. Since I've already had a miscarriage, we are a bit wary and have yet to tell any friends or family so keeping everything crossed that all will go well. No need to reply, just had to share!



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